Q: front end problems on 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

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my mountaineer comes to an almost complete stop when turning sharp in either direction. It is an AWD and i was told could be CV axles but they were new last year. noticed that one on pass. side is leaking
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Is this full time awd? Common for a 4x4 to feel like that when in full turn on dry pavement with awd active. Do you have an auto 4x4 position?
I don't think that even if you have all wheel drive auto it should do that so I would check drive axles first
That is my point, it is in four wheel drive!! Trasnfer case malfunction. Have you ever driven a 4x4 with 4wd active on dry pavement and turned the steering wheel full stop while moving? That is what they all do, act like it is going to just stop. 4x4 Auto inop. Mechanic can scan test, best way to figure this out!!
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