Q: front control arm busings on 2001 Volvo S80

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My car 's front control arm bushings torn apart about a year ago. Now I can hear some noise whenever I drive over bumps. Since the cost of replacing bushings and shock absorbers will cost me about $1500. I only drive about 3000 miles per year. Do I have to replace this right away, or I can drag to next year to do the work.
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There are many things that can cause the noise over bumps on this vehicle, upper strut plates, struts, sway bar link rods, ball joints and control arm bushings. How many miles do you have on your S80?
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You should have a qualified technician look at the car to verify if the bushings are causing the noise or the struts or strut plates then make a decision based on that bushings usually have to be pretty bad to cause the noise the struts or strut plates are more often the cause...
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