Q: front brakes/rotors...should a dealer install or would firestone be just as good??? on 2007 Honda CR-V

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My CRV just began vibrating when I brake. It appears it's a common problem, warped rotors. The dealer claims anything other than Honda pads will make a noise when braking since other auto repairs will use a generic brake pad that is adaptable to more than just the CRV. Is this true or is it safe to have firestone do my brake work and have the same quality I would from a dealer????
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Any shop can do the front brakes as long as they use top quality brake pads and my book shows ceramic pads should be used for your Honda CRV and Wagner,Raybestos, and Napa are the leading brands. You can get a estimate here and find a repair shop here and ask them what brand of brake pads do they use.