Q: front brakes rattle on 2005 Dodge Magnum

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I have repaced the front caliper brackets, calipers, pads , and all hardware. The front brakes still rattle bad on tight bumps at lower speeds. I had an allignment and the front suspension checked out by an expert and the suspension was tight. I know the rattle is in the brakes because when i apply the brakes the rattle goes away. Is this common for this vehicle ? Is there an upgrade kit available ?
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It sounds like you did not replace the rotors, is that correct? If the rotors are warped or heat spotted, then they can cause a bad vibration and a rattle. I would only use factory parts on a high performance car like this. After market parts can make hard to get rid of little noises.
Its the vent sheilds that are rattleing.. they are what keep the heat coming off your rotor from melting your balljoints. Mine rusted out around the bolts and rattled on certain bumps