Q: front brakes getting hot on 1994 Buick LeSabre

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replaced pads, driving the disc brakes are getting hot. Jacked car up and pumped up brakes then checked to see if they are dragging. they free wheeled easily.
(2) Answers
Not trying to be a smart ass, but your brakes are supposed to get hot. Does the car pull left or right when you brake? When you say "getting hot", do you mean the rotors are glowing red.
If I'm understanding you. Did this happen only after you replaced the pads? You could have the calipers sticking where they move. If these was happening before , check the brake light and cruise control brake switches. If adjusted down too far it could cause the brakes to overheat after driving. I've seen some cars take 15-20 miles of driving before the brakes would get hot enough to cause this. Drive the car until they get hot and then jack it up and see if you can turn the wheels. Another thing could be the calipers themselves or in rare case even the rubber hoses can collapse inside and hold the brake on, however this usually will only affect one wheel. Good luck.