Q: front and back brakes, rotors or what do I need to buy for grinding noise on 1995 Geo Metro

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my geo is making a grinding noise, even when backing up, i was told that i need new brakes and rotors, but i don't know if my car has front and back brakes. What do i need to buy to replace brakes and rotors
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Your car has disc brakes on the front and brake pads, if grinding is occurring the pads have worn to the point where they are damaging the rotors and it may be more economical to just replace the rotors. The rear brakes on your car are drum brakes and if grinding is occurring the shoes are worn out and will need to be replaced and the brake drums machined. Autozone have some popular workshop manuals for free on line once you register (for free) on their website
and get an online repair manual subscription.
thanks patrick, so i need front and rear brake pads, front disc brakes and rear brake drums. How good is the specials they advertis on line for pads and rotors for $149.00 and free shipping, but they only say front rotors