Q: Freeze plug at left side of engine looking at front of engine on 1997 Ford Taurus

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It looks like an orange spark plug wire in the area of the freeze plug. does the transaxle have to come out to repair?
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There is no "standard" repair procedure for replacing a core plug like this. Be advised if one plug is leaking, the rest are likely severely corroded too. This engine has a known issue for poor coolant circulation and brown coolant build up.

If you need access by pulling the transmission - that may be what it takes. It's a job where you figure the best way to do it, and that's how you do it.

For an easy replacement plug - see if your local dealership still has the "adjustable" core plug that makes installation simple. Tell them to reference Recall 98B23. Although long since expired, parts may still be available. The plug I am referencing is only for that recall.
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