Q: freeze plug on 1997 Ford Taurus

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how to replace the freezeplug on passenger side at the end of motor
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There are a few different V6 engine options in your car but to replace any freeze plug in any engine you have to gain clear access to the freeze plug by removing anything that is in the way. Once you clear access you use a small punch to pock a hole in the center of the freeze plug big enough to get a small pry bar or screw driver in the hole to pry out the plug. Once the plug is out spend an adequate amount time to really clean the area in the block where the plug seals and press in the new freeze plug. Ensure you fit the same style freeze plug, there are cup type and disc style freeze plugs. Inspect the inside area of the plug you took out if it is badly pitted the other freeze plugs in the engine will probably look the same and more may need to be replaced. These must be fitted correctly or you may damage the engine block or cause the engine to quickly and seriously over heat.