Q: Freeze plug on 1994 Chevrolet S10

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my radiator is loosing coolant and we put a pressure test on it and it held pressure. the oil looks fine and there is no leaks on the ground. we was wondering if maybe it has something to do with the freeze plug?where is it located at?
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My 2001 2.2L chevy S-10 had a blown head gasket, before realizing the problem I asked a buddy of mine at work about the symptoms.(All he works on and drives are blazers and S-10s) He told me to check the exhaust for the smell of coolant,check oil for coolant,check coolant for oil. After changing the H20 pump,I was flushing the cooling system and I noticed the coolant resevoir smelled of gas. I drove the truck home and let it sit for 3 days and checked the oil and there it was, coolant in the oil pan.After 2 weeks of replacing the head gasket and every gasket up from there,I drove the truck for 3 weeks and now the back freeze plugs by the tranny are shot. The fun continues. By the way DO NOT USE DEX-COOL,it will eat up yor gaskets.
Did you see any physical signs of leaks under pressure? That is where you need to look. The core plugs or freeze plugs on the engine are on the block below the cylinder head.