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Ford Thunderbird SC Problems

Engine -- Verified

White smoke coming from the exhaust could indicate that a head gasket has blown or there is a cracked cylinder head. Our technicians tell us that removal and inspection of the cylinder heads will be required to confirm a crack is present.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The battery light may illuminate on the instrument panel because the alternator wire harness connector is damaged. A new connector kit is available and should be installed to correct this concern.

Engine -- Verified

If you experience difficulty starting the engine when cold, stalling at idle, or hesitations during acceleration, it may be the idle air bypass valve. This valve helps the vehicle idle steady when the accelerator pedal is not pressed.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

While steering, if you hear a clunk or a rattle, or if you experience premature tire wear, this could indicate the inner tie rod ends are loose or worn and will require replacement.

Engine -- Verified

This engine may leak oil from the valve cover gasket.

Ford Thunderbird SC Questions and Answers

bird90, 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC, Ukiah, CA

my brake pedal is stiff as a board back brakes won't work checked accumalater motor plug and it's not getting any power.the motor is good .i checked it striaght to the battery.changed rel...

bird90, 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC, Ukiah, CA

well i tried to jump the wires from the only 5 pin plug nothing happened fuses are good got new relay.but when i turn the ignition to the on position.it makes a clicking noise like a relay,so i un...

Visitor, 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC, Whittier, CA

Is it posible to install studs, washers, and nuts with the engine in the car and have room to reinstall the heads. Do the torque values change, or torque sequence. Is the headbolt torque value the ...

johnkh, 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC, Warwick, RI

Everytime have trouble stating and no tach reading, when engine warms bucking starts and then tach starts to read.I need dianostic code. Have replaced plugs, wires, and mass air flow sensor and pro...

Visitor, 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC, San Antonio, TX

My thunderbird has the keypad entry on it. When i lock the doors the alarm sets, a minute or so later the alarm goes off. I have to keep it inlocked for now. How do you reset the alarm? Am I doin s...

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Ford Thunderbird SC Reviews

i have a 92 sc rebuilt motor just couple months ago, now have 2 problems, the electric radiator fan was burned i replace and now isn't work, when i take it off the cables is burned also, normal i mean before when the ac is turn on the fan start work, now if i turn on the ac don't work the fan and start make burn smell, some body can help me? and te other problem is have a high presure on the radiator, some people tell me is a head gasket, but i dont lost oil and dont mix water with oil, i dont know whats wrong... if can help me please write to my mail. nettoshoe@yahoo.com

Got it for 1000 with a bad transmission. Got a used AOD for 250.Hhead gaskets went but fix myself. still running strong.Sleeper

my 1989 thunderbird run good just 17 millas and fail.. why?

Given a 1991 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe from a family member.
The car ran great the past couple years with very minor issues but recently the Brake Master Cylinder with ABS went out and reportibly is a pretty expensive part and hard to find.

Very fun car to drive and spin but I'm heart broken that I might need to junk it if I can't find a replacement part or rebuilt it for less than a fortune.
4.9 stars out of 5!

I just bought one for $2400, very fun ride five speed manual has been working great, the only headache i have had is the clutch leaking fluid. all over an excellent car

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