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Ford Mustang GT (28 Reviews)
I love my '09 GT. Of course, it has had a couple of issues, like a mysterous buzzing in the rear. I figured out that it was the trunk tension springs. I fixed the problem with felt spacers. I love the sound of this car. This is the fourth GT I've had and have loved them all. All had minor problems, but so has every car I have ever owned regardless of marque.
Unless I hit the lottery, I will likely always own a Mustang GT.
An interesting car. Car still has its original tires and the original battery and wiper blades were changed out in 2013. I bought this auto trans car from the original owner back in 2011 with 6k original miles. It was kept in a garage, covered, still smelled and looked new but it kept killing the battery. I bought it for a song after totaling my 1998 GT but that's another story. Did some research on the electrical problem and found it was common with the early models of this generation. Solution? 1. Always turn the radio off before turning the key off. 2. ALWAYS connect the battery cables (and jumper cables) positive first and negative last. Always disconnect in the correct reverse order. Why? Parasitic power loss will be around 100mA vs. 30mA.

Next problem was the speedo quit working - found that gauge failure was a common problem with these cars. Solution? Pulled the pod myself and shipped it off to a speedo shop that specialized in rebuilding these assemblies - very fair price with a lifetime warranty.

Next problem was the leatherette door panels delaminated and flopped over on the armrests. Common problem. Solution? Had them recovered with the same material by a local auto upholstery shop - reasonable price and lifetime warranty. Rear window defroster stopped working recently. Light comes on but no sound from the relay and no window heating - checking into this at the moment. No other issues and thoroughly enjoy driving and owning this car.

Next problem was the fuel fill issue that also manifested during 2013. Would only fill half way - another common problem. Found out this car already had the replacement fuel tank. I did several slow fills with the nozzle handle at the 2 o'clock position - problem corrected itself.

Had ALL of the fluids changed out last year on its 10th anniversary of first going into service in May of 2005. Use E0 Shell Supreme fuel (has Superchips premium fuel tune with K&N cold air kit). Most factory options and many dealer installed options on this car. This car is the spiritual successor to the 1998 GT I bought new and totaled in 2011.
Noisy car due to duel exhaust,no mufflers. Also, V-8 4.6l engine not good on gas (esp in winter). And rear-wheel drive must have snow tires in winter for northern states. They are not cheap,so, get warranty. Seatbelt also no good. Pretty good sound for radio, adjustable driver seat also nice. Not enough room for big guys.
hi I have a 98 mustang and I been having it and everything is just fine but I do notices when I put it in park it shakes... idk why but I do use plus fuel instead of unleaded... you think maybe im mixingtoo fuels is makin my car shake????
I acquired a 1990 GT Convertible 5-speed, 25 year edition, in need of some TLC.
Work I had done> 1. Two front seats re-upholstered, New Ford Blue Convertible top, with new headliner. Front door panel map holders redone. After-market caster-camber plate and alignment. Transmission and differential service, and new headlight switch.

DIY work> Replaced all 6 shocks, new plugs, plug wires, rotor and distributor cap, flushed radiator, new thermostat, new radiator hoses, and AFE air filter.

Results: Reliable and fun to drive.
I own a 2002 GT that I purchased a few weeks ago. The car is beautiful but has a lot of problems that I am working out. I replaced all the pads, and rotors, had the engine and all fluids flushed, in process of replacing leaking pinion seal, replaced factory differential cover with new chrome cover. Car shakes when driving over 60, shakes really bad. Still trying to figure out why, and there is a humming like a wa wa wa wa while driving in 5th gear. Sound resonates throughout car seems like it is coming from the bak but maybe it is a bearing. Also the car bounces pretty bad when you hit a bump at anything over 35, again I think something related to the other problems. The car runs like it is straight off the show room floor with 69000 miles on it. The convertible motor works like brand new. I feel a little loss of power while shifting gears and pressing on gas hard. Engine looks brand new. I love this car, I just hope I can figure out what is causing my drive train/ Suspension issues. Also for the most part the car is very easy to work on as long as you don't have to change the spark plugs. I haven't been able to find them yet.
I bought a 2009 Ford Mustang GT Premium (45th Anniversay Edition) and it is a piece of crap. I spent over $1200 before could diagnose that the air conditioner relay was faulty. This relay killed my battery, my alternator, and one of the fuse boxes in the Fix Or Repair Daily. To make things better, Ford has not offered to compensate me for buying their worthless, made in America crap. By the way, I bought this car when I was deployed in Iraq in 2008.
transmission gets stuck in reverse when backing up a slight incline into my garage. if I can get it to roll forward a little bit it will come out of reverse. anyone else have this problem?
2011 Mustang GT/CS in Race Red. Have had the car for a year now. Only thing I have really had a problem with is cold shifting and the standard "skip shift." Car has more power than you can really use (legally) on the road and the manual transmission is great. Everything (a/c, stereo, heated seats, etc.) works the way it should. While in Michigan, car was actually quite capable in the snow due to the TCS.
My brother purchased a brand new 1990 Mustang GT with the 5 speed manual. It was ultra blue metallic with titanium silver lower body and lower front and rear facias, and a titanium leather interior, and was equipped with virtually every factory option. That was actually a rare color combo on 1990 Mustangs. The Mustang was rock solid reliable. And it was left all stock. We really regretted selling the Mustang since they're so rare now to find them unmolested. Oh, well. The one and only warranty covered problem the Mustang had was due to the matte finished titanium silver paint on the soft trim. Ford had a paint adhesion problem on some of its 1990 vehicles. Once it was repined the paint was fine. Wish we didn't sell that car:(
My wife and I bought this sweet car in June of 2008 and its the best car weve ever owned. The body style and looks are very hot. It has every thing that we wanted in our first mustang. all leather interior great sterio ect. needless to say its loaded with exteras. The car responds like a sports car should, its quick steering response and handling is great, and breaking is very good. It has a very responsive 4.6 V8 3v 300hp engine with a 5 speed auto and a 3 link rear suspenition. It has a traction control sys which works very well, and nice 17 inch tires and wheels. Was priced well for all that your money can buy. Good job Ford you got this one right on thanks. This is rated at a 5 star for us.
Bought my mustang GT in 2004 and still love it like the day I bought it! The dealership has recently broke it at it's maintainence appt but had made it to 100,000 with no major issues prior to that.
Best car I have ever owned. A few minor issues in the first year with TSB's which were fixed by dealer. Only routine maintenance, a couple set of tires, a battery, front brakes, and thousands of gallons of gas in over 100,000 miles of pure driving pleasure.
Sweet car,GT conv. Sonic Blue.
great car!
Nothing but problems with throttle body after the warranty was up. Rocking sound system but burned cd's skip to the point that they can't be played at all. Beautiful car but will not buy another one.
I own a 1998 Mustang Gt and I have always loved this body style. I have my share of problems with it, but overall it is a good car.
Have had the car for two years only problems I've had have been three alernators in two years not sure why, Other than that the car fun to drive and gets alot of attention.
I have a 2005 Red mustang GT--bought it brand new in dec. 2004. basically love the car--goes 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. 1st problem, the cd player always skips especially on cd's i burn. very disappointing because the stereo system rocks, 2nd problem, #8 cylinder wiring harness took a crap at 16,000. 3rd problem, "fail safe mode" light comes on, turn engine off and back on and it goes out. but if it occurs while driving it cuts you back to 30 MPH. now i have to replace a throttle body on it. that is the code it is spitting out. car only has 20,000 miles on it and is my third mustang (i have never had problems like this with any other mustang) (5 or 6th mustangs between my husband and i) 4th problem. i have the red and black retro interior and the red fabric on the door panels fell completely off. Ford will not help in any of these matters. mileage low, even though years surpassed the warranty. us being loyal ford customers you'd think they would help you out--NO WAY!!!! when i do buy a new car is just may be the dodge challenger next time!
Best Car I have owned in a long while
I have a red 07 GT its my third mustang and I love it
I have a 2001 GT convertible in Lazer Red Metallic paint. It has over 72000 miles on it. The only real gripe I have is with the brakes. They readily fade when the car is hustled through corners. The car also has a slight understeer problem. I've had no other problems with the car. It's fun to drive and for a 2001 model,looks very sharp inside and out.
Great car, just need to take care of maintenace and the car will last.Might have to change intake manifold due to recall problem with stock plastic manifold.Ford racing offers a replacement manifold to reslve this issue.
Fine machine. bought this car new. had an issue with the throttle position sensor after a few months. dealership fixed it and haven't had any trouble since.
As soon as my car dropped out of warranty it basically fell apart. It's almost as if key components are designed to fail.

If this car was brand new it would be replaced under the lemon law, but since it worked perfectly up until the warranty expired, I'm now stuck with a total POS.

27k miles - California owned car. It looks like its in perfect condition but its a perfect piece of poo.
Have a 2004 Mach 1. Excellent car all around. So much fun.
We bought our 2006 last year from CarMax with 11,000 miles on it.
I have had several Mustangs over my 64 years and this one is at the top! The GT is great!! 5 speed manual transmission and 26.5 mph on regular and you do not even know you're already going 85mph.
Only problem we have is with the CD player which seems to skip. Ford has not been able to fix the problem even after replacing with a re-manufactured unit and then a "new" unit.
My wife drives the GT mostly and although the car's real potential is wasted on her, I make up for it when I get to drive...
Great Car!!
1997 Mustang GT Convertible - 178,000 miles - Replaced the automatic transmission twice (that seems excessive)and the rear end went out, and the anti-sway bar broke. Replaced canvas top and replaced leather interior - makes sense given the sunny climate and amount of exposure. Never a problem with engine. Alternator finally failed at 176,000. Car idles so smooth you think it had stalled. Brakes last, no squeal. Very good. replaces struts at 150,000 (also seems right). Stainless steel dual exhausts still like new. Paint has held up well. No rattles. VERY happy with this car. I change oil/filter, rotate and rebalance tires, and realign every 3,000 miles. Handles great, looks great and is a delight to drive. Good job Ford designers/workers!