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Ford Five Hundred (56 Reviews)
If my daughter ever buys another Ford car I will hurt her. This car was ok at first but now it's possessed. It does what it wants to. The transmission jerks, it idles on it a own and the lights are a nightmare. Can't drive at night because the lights goes on and off. I really want here to be included in a class action lawsuit against Ford. Ford is a joke but they really need to recall and fix this problem for all Ford 500 owners.
I bought my Ford 500 brand new in 2005. This has been the BEST car EVER - the ONLY time it has been in the shop was ONCE - for the a/c compressor. It now has almost 100,000 miles on it - it also has the AWD CVT transmission. I would highly recommend this car. The only brand of car I will drive is FORD- to me - they make the best cars and trucks on the road
Trading off a Volvo. I just bought a 2007 Five Hundred SEL its beautiful in and out. Never had high repair cost at repair shops only things get (common) brakes they last only 2 months than got get new ones. Recently done oil changed, this car is very gorgeous looking it has all features. Purchased mines with AWD. Interior is top of the line very comfortable seats so quiet driving car. Exterior styling is gorgeous love my car has tons of power available with good options inside of interior no issues. Purchased my Five Hundred in Jan 2015 a good looking car like it better than my 2002 Volvo its a gem owning this car so luxurious at its best.
I love my Ford 500 Limited. I brought it used with 114,00 miles on it. Now 2 years later the only things that I have to replace was the a/c sensor and alternator which was covered by my warranty. It has 155,000 miles on it and still running great. All I can say is to keep up your maintenance up on your car and It will run just fine. Always get your fluids changed at recommended time. It's cheaper in the beginning rather than costly in the end.
bought it new, it now has 230,000 miles. only changed the oil, transmission oil, brakes and tires. best car ever........forget the japanese and germans, get one if you still can. the other reviews are from the germans and japanese dealers.
this car is verylooking nice
I purchased my 2005 Ford 500 brand new. The A/C has never worked properly. The dealership said there was nothing wrong with it. The compressor has burned out and Ford could care less. I will never purchase another Ford product.
I am the proud owner of a 2005 Ford 500 with a CVT transmission and front wheel drive. This car has over 188,000 miles. I have owned it since it was new. It has consistently gotten 30mpg on trips and 26mpg in town. The only things I have done to it are change the oil (about every 9K to 12K miles), change the brakes, put new tires on it, replace the alternator (at 186,000), and once had to replace the left front tie rod. This car has been the best car I have ever owned in my entire life. It has pulled me through the snow in Colorado winters, kept me cool in Texas summers, and taken me all over the US. I hope it continues carrying me to at least 250,000 miles, but if it died tomorrow, I could not have asked more from a car. Ford made a great car with his one!
I bought my 2006 five hundred from a dealer, used..paid wayyyyy too much, and have had nothing but problems with it! battery, alternator, right after i purchased it. tires were all shiny..until i washed it a few times, tires were dry rotted. then and now the car is hard to start when it is damp problems in cold or winter, but, rainy, moisture, damp, cool, hard to start. just had a tune-up and the problem still exists. sure i can take it in for the recall on transmission, but it is my only car, and they want me to leave it for a 45 minute fix. one ford dealer in town too and dont do this work on a saturday! This car is a lemon! I am pretty sure the dealer sold this car knowing about he recall too, but never fixed it! Would never purchase one again, or from that shady dealer!
speedometar tachometar fuel gauges goo up down when drive
bad car. when I got it I was amazed at how many nice features it has but save yourself the trouble and avoid like the plague. all of the bad reviews on the internet (including this page) are probably verifiable. this car has multiple "common" problem that I think are just dangerous. I'm no expert (not even a mechanic) but you don't have to be one to figure out these problems are very serious.
I bought mine used (was a rental) from dealer. Now has 75000 miles with no problem except rear brakes and rotors at 40000 miles. Only complaint is the lo/Dr position on shifter. I like better control for down shifting on hills.
I had to replace a upper engine mount, instrument cluster board, air-condition compressor,always having to change signal lights bulbs, and now Ford tells me the transmission needs to be replaced. I see now why Ford stop making this car.
We have had so many problems with this car!! We have had to replace the transmission, which Ford was no longer building at the time and we had to have a private company re-build it, the fuel pump, and have had to have the steering column fixed on several occasions. This car looks nice and drives nice, when it doesn't have problems, but is VERY EXPENSIVE to fix! Don't buy this car, save yourself the trouble and money!
I have a Five hundred and I had to have the Throttle body replaced, I paid over $2,100.00 and then I found out over 1 year later that this was a recall. Apparently, it starts out as your car surging and lunging forward and the RPM's jumping up and down. I have read so many reviews that peole have written about the same problem and they have paid for it. THIS IS COVERED regardless if your warranty has expired on your car, my car had 97,000 miles on it when I changed mine, I submitted the receipt to Ford and they reimbursed me the full $2,100.00, so don't be foolish take advantage of this and get our money back. If you go on the Ford website and look up recalls you will see the listing for this problem.
Good luck to all that have had this issue.
This, car has so many problems to bad i'm stuck with it..have had it in the shop on many occasions because heat and air cond. have never worked properly. now the car surges,which has caused an accident..Again took to the shop,charged me a fortune and car still surges,and to top it off now tranny is having severe problems which is causing rpms to reach 5 even 6 before i finally have to step on break to cause car to slow rpms will drop...Again car in shop..and still have problem..thanks ford for a piece of shit car..
best used car I ever had 200k got it at 50 k no major repairs super in snow awd great car
2006, 58,000 miles. So far full rear brakes, torque mount, and recent letter from Ford dated December 2012 stated this:
May be possible to experience a momentary engine idle RPM surge when stopped or during low speed driving maneuvers such as in a parking lot or driveway. The idle RPM surge may intermittent, and the Check Engine Lamp may turn on> This may occur due to a buildup of deposits in the THROTTLE BODY. In some cases the original Powertrain Control Module strategy may not adequately compensate for the THROTTLE BODY deposits.
In the interest of Customer Satisfaction (They should mean SAFETY), Ford is extending the limited warranty to provide a one-time repair of the engine idle RPM surge caused by the THROTTLE BODY DEPOSITS.
Sure look forward to that Youtube Video. Also, A/C not as cold with sometimes slight musty odor in some seasons. Back rear left passenger door holds water (can hear swishing noise), brought to attention, stated that happens with no remedy. I do clean any debris if any but have to lift/release the bottom part door seal to release flood gate water. Concerned about internal panel electrical and rust! and it's only that one door? Just discovered the Encyclopedia on this site and happens to mention what I tried to explain in regards to the Control Arm. It does in fact over train tracks at legal speed and bumps, that it does make a squeaking and/or knocking noise. The car does wander at times especially in motion on freeway.
At 93000 I had to replace the A/C system $1800+labor. Temps in central TX soar in the summer and I guess I'm lucky, I've had the care since Sept 2006. I've recently experienced a cold start problem (visited parents in cold weather region). First time it's ever happened. I found this site by researching the problem. Looks like others have had the same. I can't give this car a negative rating. I've done nothing but change oil/filter since I've owned (original owner). Hope my luck continues.
This car is a lemon and ford knows it. They had a recall to clean the throttle body of the cars which makes it surge, and what will it take someone getting hurt because of the surge.They need to replace the throttle body. Maybe I'll make a u tube video about how bad this car is, and show it surging.2013
Every winter when the temp gets below 34 degrees, and the car sits in this temp overnight, I will have a hell of a time starting the car in the morning. I will have to crank and crank and crank; 5-10 minutes! I have put over $2500 into correcting this problem between 3 different mechanics; $1700 this last time for the pump and throt body. The most recent attempt has been at a certified Ford dealership who replaced a throttle body and fuel pump, promising this was the cause. Still being winter here, it only started the first time every morning for a week, then back to having to sit there and crank it over and over again for minutes. I took it back recently and they had it for days and said it is now corrected with "codes" that they needed to update. I do also have the problem of my rear passenger door filling with water when it rains; then having to park on an incline the next day and leave it open for ten minutes to drain the water out. Another cold weather issue I've had, a recall issue, but not in my state, is during very cold temperatures I will get in my car and shut the door and it will not latch. Leaving me driving home from work holding my door shut with one hand. As for the complaints about the a/c, when temperatures do get up there, my a/c fails, every time. So when I really need it, it's not there. I had taken it to the shop about this issue thinking I needed a charge and was told it was full. When the temps lowered, my a/c came back. Oh, transmission went out at 75K! That costed me another $3800, only Ford had and could install this trans. No wonder they discontinued this car!!!
Warning, this ford 500 awd has been a lemon, have put almost as much in maintenance as I paid new. Have tried to keep it patched up to get my money's worth but am ready to throw in the towel. Replace rear brakes twice, front three times, instrument panel replaced, ac dont work, rattles in front. Im afraid to take it on a long trip. Brakes are now heating up again, next car will be an asian or german engineed car. Detroit and unions suck.
i have a ford 500 and i replaced the crankshaft sensor and now it wont crank. what did i do wrong?
We bought my wifes car used, and really havent done anything to it except put coolant in the A/C but now she'e having a weired noise come from the driver side. It's hard to explain what it sounds like but it almost sounds like a bearing is going out almost like when water hits your exhuast and its tingling sound is the best way to explain it what could it be?
my air only works if the car is in motion. Only cools if its not hot outside. Ford need to recall for known ac problems.2006 500.
bought car new 2007 and have had brake problems since 6000 miles and still have them at 80,000. now I have a/c problems like so many other people with the same compressor on thier Ford.
I bought my Ford 500 two years ago used. I have not had any major issues( knock on wood) till now. I had to replace the rotor and brake pad the first month i owned it and now my air is not working. I can feel cold air when I drive but as soon as I stop it stops. Has anyone else had this issue at well? Also my brake lights go out often and have to be replaced. Its a great car with great gas mileage but some issues are bad on the car.
Bought this car with 100,000 miles on it. It is now developing a problem where the dash board will shut down completly for about 5 sec then kicks back on. Is anyone haveing this problem?
I love my 2006 Ford 500 and I am the original owner. But the throttle box is killing me; the original was replaced in 2008 (under warr). I paid for replacement in 2010 and now need new one asap. This car will have its fourth one installed as soon as I find the money. I lucked out on the brakes just starting paying for replacements in 2010. The brakes kept being recalled and the dealer kept replacing the brakes and rotors 4 or 5 times. The rear brakes lights have to replaced 3 - 4 times a year. The front
turn signal lights about twice a year. Mileage for my AWD is 34 highway; city varies extremely.
we have a ford 500 and have been experiencing transmission problems. we have been having trouble since the mileage hit 52000 miles. we really liked the car, however it greatly disgusts us to hear of the same problems with other 500 owners. we found no remedy w ford motor company. why would ford not seek to remedy this problem? we were told it would cost us more money to have the transmission problem fixed than the car is worth! this is absurb. we will think twice before buying a ford again. anybody out there who is thinking about buying a ford 500----DONT