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Ford F-350 Super Duty (29 Reviews)
i have had a lot of trucks iam an electrical contractor and when I bought this truck in 2001 my brother in law told me how powerful the diesels are. I have a 2001 f-350 7.3 with a full service box and rack on it. I put in a gale banks system that gave me 720 foot pounds of torque that use to be stock at 520. I live in Carlsbad Calif. and use to go to lake mead all the time with my family and just smoke cars trucks etc. up the steep hills with no problem even towing a 28 foot boat. My truck has gone through two transmissions and a few other things but all in all its been just awesome. .. I now have 384,000 miles on it and runs very very strong. I change my oil every 3,000 miles and also fuel filter every 10,000 or sooner. Iam ready for a new truck but cant leave this one it has been so good to me. Still have original starter in it. so have a lot of friends purchase the 6.0 and EVERY ONE HAS CRAPPED OUT THEY ARE JUST THE WORST ENGINE EVER BUILT, TERRIBLE ENGINE. RATHER HAVE A MAKITA MOTER IN IT?
This truck is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I bought it new in 2007 and it has cost me thousands of dollars to keep it running. The list of defective parts goes on and on. Replaced the turbo $2500.00 at 34k miles, the EGR and oil cooler $4600.00 with a after market cooler because Ford installed a radiator finned type that clogs up and blows the engine. Aluminum head bolts with steel $3100.00 to keep from blowing the engine. Coolant reservoir cap $5.00 with Advance Auto one which has a stronger spring. The Ford one has a light spring that goes bad there by causing the engine to overheat and blow. Now the truck is leaning down 1-1/4 inch on the front driver side which requires the addition of a shim 3C4Z-5A300-AA Ford recommends. Price unknown at this writing.The list goes on and on.
27000 miles on truck and I am having trouble with transmison
Excellent vehicle. The best vehicle I have ever owned, and that includes Cadillacs, Mercedes, Toyota's, Honda's, and so forth. I have never had a single problem with this vehicle. Not one. Zilch. I tow a 13,000lb 5th wheel, and it tows the camper like it is nothing. I pass not only semi's going uphill on the highway, but usually cars as well. This vehicle is a brute! 350 horse, and over 600 ft/lbs of torque, and it shows. Like driving a very large sports car. And, it is luxurious, and extremely comfortable. It is quiet for a diesel truck. What more could someone want? I want durability and dependability first- I NEVER want to be broken down on the highway, and I NEVER have been with this truck. Everything works perfectly every time. It's really incredible, when you think of the service that this truck is put through. I know there are lots of chevy guys reading this, and I know they love their trucks. I used to be a chevy guy too, but they drove me nuts with little problems. Mostly electrical problems. After suffering with these problems for years, I finally broke down a bought a Ford. Just recently, I bought a Chrysler for my wife, and it has been nothing but trouble. I also bought a little Toyota MR2 for my daughter, and I had to replace the transmission (manual) after 55,000 miles! Guess what, folks- I'm buying nothing but Fords from now on, because I just do not have ANY problems with these vehicles- EVER. Clearly, they really do mean it when they say Quality is Job One!
As far as the paint or clear coat coming, this problem would be from the factory when painted, the primmer coat might have been bad,clear coat problems is pretty much the same. I have a F350, 2002, 7.3 diesel, I service it with a marine grease every 3,000 miles, I use nothing but a good marquaires marine polish on the clear coat, this adds the oil to the paint or clear from drying out, esp in hot area's, looks new still, pay attention to the hood and top. I use nothing but delo 400 oil, with motorcraft filters which the filter you can get at walmart far cheaper than the ford dealer, use nothing but motorcraft fuel filter. I have 119,000 and just had to replace my starter no problems any kind. the 2003 6.0 were garbage. the weight of the vehile with the V10 or 7.3 is vary heavy,maintance is a must, but wear to the front area is a problem.
I really enjoy my 2009 F350 Kings Ranch addition, Ford went all out for comfort and a real work horse I have the 6.8 v-10 THE ONLY THING I HAVE A COMPLAINT is ,have a noise that is intermedate it comes and goes it a light tapping type noise seems like it comes from heater contol area. have not located yet just annoying. if any one has ideas please leave answer.
why a light in a shape of a engine block appers on the left lower side of the dash board and at the same time the truck loose power,like almos shuting off, but if i accelerate inmidiatly the light goes off,and regain power,and it would happen again in a day or 2,and so on,can anybody tell me what can i do to fix that,thanks a lot,truly fernando david gonzales
my truck is 13 years old that 7.3 L still going strong runs great and looks . looks like big problems

You don't have a selection of a F-450 Super Duty. I have a F-450 Super Duty and the transfer case exploded at approximately 73,000 miles. I am being told by FORD that it was caused from having only one manual hub engaged. Has anyone heard of this? How can only one hub become engaged if your are not 4-wheeling. There were no warnings or indicators to let me know that one hub was engaged so I have no idea how long it was engaged.
Bought new in 2003 with the V 10 to tow my camper during the summer and Used very lightly mostly as a commuter for work (25 mi. a day) 78000 mi
This spring i had to spend $1800.on front end work and rear shocks, new struts ,ball joints,sway bar, tie rods & ends and steering stabilizer.Then another $95 on alignment. When checking the oil mechanic found the dipstick entry in the block had rotted. Looking at that repair it was found that both exhaust manifolds have warped. Now i'm looking at another $2500 repair. Considering this is a heavy duty truck I'm not impressed. Other repairs included replacing all 10 of the coils,and both locking hubs.
Even with washing and waxing on a regular basis the paint in spots is flaking off the rear fenders and bubbles are showing up in another areas.
This is my 4th Ford truck 2 used and 2 new but i don't now if i'd buy another



I purchased my first light duty truck in Feb 2010. It is an F350 dually, king ranch, crew cab with the 6.0L diesel. The truck looks great and runs great, now that I have put a new long block in it with ARP head studs,new head gasket, new high pressure oil pump,steering gear and did some basic maintenance items. I will admit, I pushed the engine but nothing too extreme that any well MAINTAINED diesel should have been able to take. Even after spending over $9k on the engine, I love the truck and wouldn't consider buying anything other than Ford. Especially after talking to several diesel mechanics and engine builders that said the engine is a great engine but you must keep up with the basic maintenance (fluid changes, brakes, shocks, etc). Take care of the truck and the truck will take care of you.
Ok I have a 2002 F350 super duty with a F250 body style and i have trouble starting it.At first it did start but now i have to use gas on a rag to start it,and it's putting wear an tear on the starter.I don't know what it is ,can anybody please help me with this problem?
2002 f350 7.3 diesel dually. 72,000 miles on it. Diesel fuel is filling the coolant reservoir and spewing out onto the motor??????? what the ----??
bought this truck used with 96k, have already spent well over 7k on the engine with only 140k. replaced the engine cooler, three injectors, turbo, both batteries and numerous other sensors. love the look of the ford truck, I think ford should stand up and make what ever repairs needed to make the engine right. I now need to take truck to shop again tomorrow to repair loss of power. stay away from this 6 liter engine
Should have bought a Chevy. Let my wife talk me into the F-350, big mistake. There is always something broken on this truck. The 6.0 diesel is the least dependable on the road, pulls good.... when it's running. It's had close to $6k spent on the engine, auto climate control problems, wheel bearings, heated seats, the list goes on and on. Ford has gone through 4 diesel engines since 2002, I hope the 2011 works for them because my next super duty will be a heavy duty, Chevy.
My first truck was a GM and couldn't wait to get rid of the darn thing. I'm on my second Ford F350. It now has 135000 miles and no problems. Love these trucks. Dependable for the big towing jobs I have to do. Solid and comfortable too. Good sound sytem, comfortable seats. all the amenities. I haul horses almost every weekend. Take a look at the parking at th bigger horse shows and you'll see FORD. Maybe a random Dodge or GM but those of us who depend on our trucks go FORD.
I work these trucks hard.... you just can't kill 'em!!!
I purchased this truck new in Sep/1999. It now has over 185,00 miles. The 7.3 Turbo Diesel is the best engine ever. It still looks as good as new, and there are no squeaks or rattles. I have never had any maintenance issues with this truck in any way until last week, when the transmission finally went while towing my boat back from Lake Havasu.
It did not strand me. It did overheat, but I was still able to limp home. Tranny temp is very critical on this model and is the only enemy that can destroy one fast. When I first had the truck serviced back in 1999, there was a recall for the flex plate that Ford replaced. We discovered that it was cracked again last week when we rebuilt the transmission, and had to replace it on my dime this time. The flex plate cost about $300.00 alone. Other than that, this has been the best truck I have ever owned. I just sold my 2002 Chevy 1-ton with the Dura-Max and Allison. The 5- speed auto was nice, but this truck could just not keep up with the Super Duty! I am in construction and use it daily, hard, and tow often too. My only regret is that I did not buy two back then, so that I would have a spare to replace that 1-ton Chevy I experimented with for a couple years.
This truck is a gem to just drive, haul or tow BIG boats with. I have put 103,000 miles of both short (25, 200) miles, without so much as a hiccup. I have it serviced per the maintenance schedule, and put two additives in the fuel (Lucas Fuel Additive, and Gamma88 Fuel Conditioner). Mileage, if all in town, is a steady >15mpg. If all Interstate, I get >22mpg. A mixture of the two, say 50/50 will hang around 17 - 18 mpg). I figure my mileage using the standard formula of: milesDrivenBetweenFillup/totalGallonsToFill. I would like better mileage, however I believe that without any mods, this truck is giving me her best.

Even after >100,000 miles, no rattles or wind noise. I do have one squeak - that being the driver's door when opening. The Air Conditioning does need to be serviced this year in preparation for our hot and humid summers.

The drive train has picked up, what I believe is, a problem. In stop-n-go traffic, there is a very short, but noticeable time lag and drive train engagement when stepping on the accelerator. The lag feels like a "U" joint has too much play.

All in all, I will not consider another brand heavy duty truck, as this one I grade as an "-A"

Im the second owner of this truck and i love it. no problems to speak of. it an all around good truck.
Great vehicle, a dependable workhorse. I've must've gotten lucky, haven't had the problems other owners typically bring up (knock on wood).
I love My 7.3L turbo diesel, The only downside is that the transmission wears out quick. and the carrier bearing is a POS. I bought a fully built trans and a one piece rear drive shaft, and PERFECTO! interior holds up extremely well, brakes are great and great looking truck all around.
Possibly the best truck ever built. No Duramax, no Cummins can out pull this baby. In the mountains pulling 22000 lbs. 148 km/hr @23 mpg (Canadian) eats the Dodges and Duramax's pulling 6000 lbs. topping out at 135 km/hr.
Below -26 degrees Celsius no heat unless you keep your RPM over 2500 even at a red light. Brakes never touched them, I've changed the marker light's once that's it. The exhaust is on it's way out. I will have to replace in a couple of years. I've been ripped off by a Ford dealer a couple of times. Back in 2002, GM offered me $19 000 for a trade in on a new Duramax. The Duramax was $47 500. I went to Ford, Ford offered me $2500, The new Ford pickup, My Dually plus $20000 cash and $1900 per month for 3 years or, My dually plus $20000 cash and $1400 per month for 5 years. Well I think you get the picture of Ford dealers. My 2 brother's also were going to buy new Ford's, same price at 20 different dealers. A lease they wanted $10 000 down and $1500 a month. Well my brother got a new Duramax nothing down, $1150 a month. The new Fords are just cr-p.

My rocket dually, no BMW has been able to beat me yet, my 3rd gear (4spd auto) has weird shift drag/bouncing and then shift again thing in 3rd. Do know what it's really about, but I can launch from 25-75 km/hr like a missile with no RPM, just the torque. It takes the 750i's and 850i's about 500 yards to pass me. Ya they pass me at 150 km/hr-- in a 80 km zone, Duh and they cut around me two. Well retard it's a $42 500 (4) ton diesel dually, not a $250 000 Retard BMW race car.....Not sure where these 750i/850i being come from..There's been some 650i but their pretty lame. My dually can take up to 150 km/hr no problem. Unless there was something wrong with the Einstein's 2 year old 650i blowing black smoke kicking his rear pulverized by dually....
This has been one of the very best trucks I have ever owned. Very strong and very reliable. Been a very easy keeper.
AC stopped working, suspension is weak, windscreen wipers & washer stopped working, doors dont close properly anymore, car is worn out after 140.000 miles.
love the 7.3 diesel. steering system a little weak, never left me stranded. great tow vehicle, extremely comfortable
I bought this truck used, but it has run great. Have only had a few minor engine issues. I love to drive it, and plan to keep it for many more years.