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Ford F-250 Super Duty (63 Reviews)
Hello i have a 2002 power stroke F 250 what a great truck 210 ,000 still looks great except a rust issue on rear wheel wells size of 4"x 8"
I have replaced a few things alternator power steering lines and few other things but i can say it a awesome riding and durable truck i love it and want to get the rust fixed $3,000 to take outer skin off and redo , Maybe finder flairs are a option ?
I am over 70 years old and have had so many new trucks that I have lost count. My 2011 250 super duty diesel is the best truck I have ever owned. I pull a 36 foot 5th wheel and have never had a problem going up or down mountains in Colorado or New Mexico. I also get about 11 MPG towing and about 18 MPG not towing. I also replaced the fuel tank with a 50 gallon fuel tank which was one of the best things I have ever done to a truck that pulls a trailer.
I bough4 my super used 2006. She now has 85,000 miles on her. I haven,t had any major problems yet other than an alternator. This truck has pulled out other vehicles from the mud/snow banks. (They weren,t Fords) I plan to keep her as this is the best year for the ps 7.3 engine. I have freinds with 350,000 and higher still going down the road. I average about 1,800 miles a year with her and during the winter I will put one ton of pellets in her once a month for 7 months. It,s about 10 miles from the store to home and she handles it all with no complaints. I would never put this much weight in the back on another make of truck. Don,t trust them.
2008 f250 superduty extended cab xlt 4x4 offroad, 5.4 engine,bought this truck less than a year ago,was great at first,superduty my ass,5.4 engine is totally inadequate for this truck,underpowered is an understatement,with its annoying engine tick on the right side of engine near the firewall,mechanic says its totally normal for the 5.4 triton engine,really!then had a windshield leak on the drivers side,only leaks with a very light rain and sitting still,drips off the grab bar onto the dash onto the a/c vent,it comes and goes.then it felt like engine hesitation when taking off,but discovered it was the left rear brake not releasing,today it stuck and smoke was rolling off the caliper and popping from the heat,parked it till i get the parts to fix it,i only wished i would have come here first before buying it and i never would have,should have kept my ram 1500 megacab
This truck was purchased about 3 years ago .Since this time it has been in the shop every year It has cost on average of about $2400.00 per year.It is never the same thing .Just got out of shop March 6,2015 cost 2213.14 to replace HIGH PRESSURE PUMP HARNESS GASKET ASSY. $323.14 FOR PARTS $1890.00 LABOR
80000 +/- Miles.. Get Rid Of Everthing Related To Emission Control.. Replaced RadiIator, Replaced Door Latches, Replaced Radiator, Replaced Exhaust - Complete, Added Coolant Filter, Replaced Air Box.Lots Of Hard Earned Money Put Into A Unworthy American Made Truck. Not Happy.
Purchased the F250 Platinum and have never regretted a moment. Have the 6.7L Power Stroke and it performs well. Work the truck pretty hard hauling animals & tractors around to pulling out large stumps and have not had any problems. Not to dispute other reviews, but really, Ford couldn't fix a new truck with 6500 miles on it? Sounds like a bad dealership or a something. Have driven all brands of trucks and the 2013 F250 is by far the best of the best. I like my comfort when not working and at times forget I'm in a truck.
I purchased Super Duty FX4 with 19,000 Miles on it. It now has 54,000 miles and a lot of problems. I have had three exhaust sensors replaced, turbo charger replaced, it has a leak in the radiator. It is a diesel 6.4 and gets 9.5 miles MPG. The cleaning filter message is on most of the time. I also get black smoke from exhaust when accelerating. I am going back to a Chevy.
328000 miles and still as strong as ever 5.4 triton v8 .Started using a little oil around 300000,but couldn't ask for a more dependable truck.
Bought my 2002 F-250 4X4 V-10 new. Now has 74,000 mi many of which were driven with a full sized Slide in Camper in the bed. In all these 12 years the one and only issue I've had is when the passenger door lock would not respond to the remote door lock signal. That is all. No leaks, no spark plug blow outs or seizing - (knock on wood)as some folks are having. I previously had a 1998 F-250 light duty (F-150 with extra leaf spring)which was junk, so having this truck be so trouble free makes me think is all about luck of the draw. No regrets.
there will never be another ford at my house a pile of junk I spend at lease 1000. a week then aaa brings it back to my home I have to much invested to trade or sale
There is no firing on the number 6 cylinder, i want to know why and what's causing it to happen? Ive changed out the coil and plugs.
I have a 2002 F-250 super cab 5.4L gasoline V-8. I bought the truck used in 2007 with 125,000 miles on it. It was well maintained and miles were mostly highway as they pulled a fifth wheel trailer with it. I rebuilt the front end and replaced the shocks after 6 months of owning it. I put ceramic pads all four wheels which makes a huge difference in stopping. I now have 212,000 miles with original hoses
(I know) it has no transmission problems and still has plenty of power when needed. I will never own anything but a ford truck.
Purchased with 24K on it. currently has 56K. 6.4L, Auto,4x4, FX4 Package, loaded with options. Very comfortable ride considering the hauling capacity. RH front Caliper failed/stuck at 54K, replace front caliper and pads (about 50% left on old pad, wasted). Removed DPF & Tuned, very little smoke, great sound, great performance, 18 mpg (best upgrade, the DPF was a hassle and choked engine, not to mention the engine will last much longer now.). Taking in for both front axle dust shield warranty replacements (poor design, good redesign, 60K mfg warranty covered the issue). All-in-All, this is a great truck. The interior is very comfortable and it has very good road manners for a large truck. With the DPF removed & tuned, it runs great and has outstanding performance and mileage for a large truck, worth every penny (bought used from dealer for $33K with 24K miles, saved $20K from new and have a great truck).
Bought brand new F-350 diesel, "Dooley" double cab long bed 4x4 Platinum. Nearly every option available. Truly top of the line. After 6 mo./6400 miles, started operating at reduced capacity and Ford advised me to get it off of the road. That is where it has been since. Was informed that vehicle could not be repaired because no available parts. FMC assigned case manager and even case supervisor. But neither would ever contact me, let alone find a solution. Finally sold off the carcass at a great loss. Do yourself a favor. Steer away from FMC at all costs. If you choose to do business with this company, you do so at your own risk, and you are truly on your own.
Ive plowed snow commercially with the 7.3 for 12 yrs.I have plowed with many trucks and none push snow or pull like this truck.I have replaced oil pan brakes and all the normal parts but this is the best truck ive ever had.biggest problem is the wire harness from engine to body.the wires in one spot look like they were kinkedand the wire corrodes and blowes apart.The insulation was not pierced.I have new wires and it runs lole new.I now own a 2013 chevy 2500HD and I Still plow in the is 3 TIMES THE TRUCK THE Chevy is.
I have a 2011 F-250 extended cab short bed with diesel engine. I pull a 38 foot DRV Mobile Suite fifth wheel that weighs about 17,000 loaded. We have pulled the camper over 14000 miles and do not have a single complaint. We average about 11 miles per gallon while towing and around 19 when driving normally without a trailer in tow. I did have some what I call "shimmy" in the front end at around 30000 miles and took it in to Ford. They replaced the front shocks and steering stabilizer under the warranty program. This helped, but did not completely eliminate the problem. I am still running on the original tires, and will be replacing those soon, hopefully this will reduce the front end problem even more. The diesel engine is extremely powerful and the six speed transmission with the tow feature is very efficient in getting us from one destination to another. We have towed in the flat lands of Illinois to the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico and our F-250 has no problems performing her duties.
Late model 1999 ford F250 7.3L Powerstroke turbo diesel manual 6spd(love it)
Perhaps one of the best diesels ever produced. understand also International made this motor- NOT ford. they are reliable, tons of relentless power, ride like a cadillac, and are extremely insane when properly modified. I have driven many diesels old and nrw, but i will never get rid of my 7.3. People compliment it all the time when filling up. especially when i tell them i get 23mpg on the highway and 20 in town. then it goes from compliments to offers to buy! I am about to flip the odo to 200,000 and cant wait to be a proud owner of a 500,000mile+ 7.3 owner, as there are MANY out there. and i must day, it sure is fun to be faster than most on the road in a 3/4ton diesel. all they hear is a turbo whistlin dixie and all they see is tailights through a cloud of coal! Note: i also have issues with my door sensors and light but the stealership wanted way too much to fix. but thats it other than standard preventative stuff. these trucks are also pretty simple to understand and fix yourself. Call an inernational dealer for future parts/fluids since they are still upgrading and improving the almighty 7.3! Many things ford wont recommend international, who designed the motor, will promise you.
For the most part we really like our truck. It does ride rough, that is what a 4x4 diesel truck rides like. The one problem we had since we bought it is the passenger seat belt locks up everytime we use it, which is by law and we have no problem with doing what the law requires in using seat belts. It will start out fine after we put it on, then any slight movement and it will lock up and any more movement will have it keep retracting till it is choking whoever sits in the front passenger seat. The driver's side does not have this problem. Since we have only our truck for transportation this is really aggravating and to us a safety issue, as we have to release it to let it roll all the way up and release again to put it on. Our fear is that it will do this and choke one of us in a accident or cause an accident cause we can't get it to release at all. Please tell us this can be fixed. We took it up to the local Ford dealer and they changed the oil, that cost us $300.00, did an inspection and said it was malfunctioning but want us to pay $450.00 to have it replaced. We talked to the original owner and he said that is one of the reasons he traded it in. To us this has been a problem since it rolled off the assembly line and is a safety feature issue that should of been recalled. Please be advised that if it in fact causes a serious injury or accident we will contact our lawyers to mitigate this issue with Ford.

Mr. & Mrs. Loras W. Jaeger
Own a 350 & a250 superduty, both are 2008, both had #3 coil and cylinder problems at around 120,000 miles, my choice is either replace the motors or the block, what junk and a big disapointment
truck is great but it likes gas i am thinking about a cold air
intake system has anyone tryed one on the 6.2L engine and if you
have did it help the gas mileage .
I have a 2011 F250 XLT Super Cab 6.2L gas 6ft bed. I bought it brand new and have been driving it since January 2011. This truck is amazing. Fuel millage is best in class. Easily feel the horse power when you step on the gas. Fast braking response. Plow with it no issues. It is a daily driver and no complaints. I've driven other trucks and this is my favorite one. My father owns a 2033 F350 Super Cab 6 ft bed and I loved driving that so much I bought this. Highly recommended truck and keeps value well.
Ordered mine new and waited 13 weeks for delivery. Would buy another one just like it but hoping I never have to since you can't get the 7.3L any more. 199,000 miles, third set of alternators on it, door/lock issues, door lock actuators, a few misc. modules here and there, now a instrument cluster. All in all, only been left on the side of the road once. Took a head on collision in a parked position from a Cadillac. Totaled the Cadillac, didn't even get to the radiator of the truck. If something hits this truck, might as well be hitting a tank, unless it is a bigger truck. Maybe $3,000 in repairs over the life of truck so far, will keep buying parts until the sheet metal rusts and falls to the ground.
My 08 Superduty has just over 70000 well taken care of miles. Earlier this summer I noticed a radiator leak. $1200.00 for a new radiator. Just after that repair, $350 for a new exhaust probe. Now at 73k I'm told I need new upper and lower ball joints and that my steering box is leaking badly - together another $2500.00. Not to mention that every time I touch the driver's side door handle I get a subtle electrical shock. I shouldn't have traded my 05 Silverado!
Purchased a 2004 F-250 Super Duty Lariat crew cab in July 2009 to start hotshot hauling. The truck had one bad injector when purchased at 117,000 miles. I replaced injector, pulled a 30 foot gooseneck trailer all over the U.S. hauling freight. At 245,000 oil cooler replaced. Truck now has 356,000 without any major problems.Oil changed every 5,000 miles fuel filters at 15,000. One transmission filter change. Three alternators, one belt, one water pump, one radiator,two ICP sensors, one oil pressure sensor. I have been very pleased with the truck and it still runs as it did years ago.
ECR cooler problems, fuel injector problems turbo problems, shimmering problems, all of these issues ford knows about, any one I talk to have had these problems, I have finally gotten a attorney, 4 of my friends have gotten there money back, so if you do not believe this post just research it and you will see, this engine, this truck should have been recalled
I bought it new it has 90,000 miles on it now nothing but problems here are some of the problems. Alot of electrical issues (computer,mileage adds up faster then the distance I travel, wiringharness,fuel pump twice,evap canister,4x4,altanater, exhaust manifold bolts its a v10,catalitic converter,now the starter and the motor mount is in the way to get to the upper bolt bad design. plus it only gets 10 to 12 mpg. all in all I like my truck but will think twice about another new ford this makes the 2nd new one and both have had their issuse
my 6.4 has 51.000 mil on it is very well taken care of it is a 4x4 and a great truck but it has been to dealer for exhaust temp senser problems they replaced 1 senser the first time under warrenty now they tell me its gonna cost me 379 dollars out of my pocket from my understanding these sensers are coverd under the emissions warranty for 100.000 miles
should have bought a cummins
i bought a used f250 5.4 i have had the truck 2 years had to rebuild the trans and 4 spark plugs blow out of the eng needed to replace all 8 coilpacks now it is runing like crap again the repair place is telling me i need to have the eng rebuilt ford i will never buy angain on the exst mainafolds had to be done aswell