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On June 7, 1996, Ford recalled 7,900,000 Ford Escort. The ignition switch could experience an internal short circuit.
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Ford Escort Recall Details

Summary on June 7, 1996
The ignition switch could experience an internal short circuit.
Year Affected:1990
Summary on December 30, 1994
The driver side air bag module can have an inadequately welded inflator canister.
Years Affected:1994, 1995
Summary on December 18, 1994
Two bolts that attach the passenger side air bag supplemental restraint system module to the instrument panel are missing. in the event of a frontal impact, the module can come out of the instrument panel.
Year Affected:1995
Summary on May 31, 1994
The offset toe adjusting pin can fracture under conditions such as torsional loads, flexing motion, impact loads, and overtorquing.
Years Affected:1991, 1992, 1993
Summary on May 17, 1994
The lock plate of the driver side inboard seat track adjusters were manufactured with an unauthorized modification to the fabrication process which causes the seat not to fully engage in certain seating positions near the mid-point of the seat track travel.
Year Affected:1993
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