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Ford Crown Victoria (26 Reviews)
over drive off keeps flashing on dash
Reliable car that will last a long time with regular maintance
Review #2 crown vic dark blue p coat,roof i painted with hot rod flaz dark blue,looks ok.At 85000 the heater select motor is bad,and is stuck on defrost,have to remove dash to get to it,well maybe.still runs great 25ish on highway,leather still good inside.
I own this vehicle since three years. The engine is perfect. The gear has never created any trouble for me. AC is also in very good condition. I enjoy driving this car on long. Although I am also having a new model Ford Explorer, but the SUV does not please me while driving as I enjoy easy and confident ride on this old Model crown Victoria. However I suggest if some one is having US model of this car with closed grill from front, he or she should replace the grill with a grill of 1993 model car having three lines form ventilation to avoid heating of the car in at slow speed on a busy road of very hot countries like middle east.

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Ahmedaniu
2009 CPVI. Much better interior than my older one. New, heavy-duty power door lock/window switches. Seats need some bolting down, but other than that its a great runner. (Do wish I had carpet and not the black, easy-to-clean, plastic.

Love running on E85. Smells like popcorn.
i have a '95 ford crown victoria with a '90 lincoln continental motor but the transmission i have doesnt exactly fit the motor. it doesnt have the port for my overdrive in my car. what should i do?
I am having a problem! The mileage does not register how or where can I get the right cable? I need this asap.
bought my crnvic in 2006,a leftover 05.had trouble with the brakes the first month,and until i replaced them with aftermarket parts the problem never went away,though the dealer really tried to fix it.the lighting module went out about 38000 miles,which turns on the headlights.both of my catalytic converters have been replaced and are bad again.Ford has a problem with dark blue pearl coat,and they wont fix it,my roof has been rusting since 2009,DO NOT GET THIS 2004 (DX)COLOR!Ill fix it myself.the car gets 25 ish on the highway and runs well with 70000 on it.crn vic is worth nothing on trade,so dont expect a good trade in,Ill run mine to death
Normal wear items replaced. No major issues in 17 years of ownership. Ford lost money on this one as it still works as designed with periodic oil, brake fluid, cooling, and transmission fluid changes. Best part is the key. You can duplicate a key for a dollar. Go ahead and try to get a duplicate key for a new car today for a dollar. Head lights, there are 4 of them made of clear glass that never need to be sanded like ALL of the "new and improved" plastic head lights of today.
Bought this 99 crown from an older couple who blessed it as I was on my way to get the check. It had 17k on the odo in 04. I gave them $10700 for it. It now has 171k on it and it still drives good., only minor reapirs and maint, Ford did the recall on the intake manifold. You simply can not beat these cars especially when you add in the fuel milege.
If you want a race car, get a Mustang. But this car gets up very nice and is super compfy Iis easy to get in and out of too.
Why pay $25-30k for a high maint 4 banger that gets 30 or MPG when you can buy a very low milage Crown for $10k and still get 18 city-25 hwy easy and you get twice the car. Just sayin.... I will get another one of these soon. I kinda like this car.
I got this car for $900 (109,000 miles on it) in 2006 .The last owner was a 16 year old that neglected the car. I love this car and it runs better at 170,000 miles than it did the day I bought it (best deal I ever got). I've had to change a few small parts the alternator was the most expensive ($150 after core returned), 2,000 watt custom stereo system, wore it out, but it’s worth it. I'm all about luxury and this car is the shit ($300 tint job for 9 windows is totally worth it). (0-60 in 8.1 sec.) 22+ mpg hwy at 75+ mph in 3500+ lb. car is awesome mileage. I drive 1600+ miles round trips at least twice a year (I love cruise control). I used to hate passing big rigs in a 2002 Honda civic, now it’s a piece of cake in my Crown Vic. This is my first Crown Vic and it’s not my last . This is the kind of car I want to grow old with.
good car mine has 60K. and it still runs good.

I bought this car in September of 2009. It started with 78,000 miles on it. This is a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria p71 interceptor. This car was previously used as a detective’s car out in Orland Park, which is about 45 min south west of Chicago, where I am from. This is my first car, I did a lot of research about these cars and decided to get one. If taken care of, these cars can last a long time. Ever since I got the car I have been trying to get it on a regular maintenance schedule. Unfortunately, every time I think I can start, there always seems to be another major problem that needs to be addressed first. Since I bought it I have needed to replace the idler arm, pitman arm, shocks and suspension coils, lower oil cooler hoses, fuel filter, needed rewiring of the interior light to come on when doors are open, transmission front pump seal was leaking (this was caused by a miss alignment in the transmission which also resulted in the torque converter being damaged), need new torque converter and shifter cable. The other problems on my list are replacement of the intake manifold (because Ford used a plastic front cross over coolant tube which at about 100,000 miles tends to burst and dump all the coolant out of the car, along with fouling your coils, boots, and spark plugs). The return heater coolant hose that runs underneath the intake manifold needs to be replaced (because mine is leaking, but if you need to replace the intake manifold it is a good idea to replace this hose at the same time). I need to have my timing chain serviced, what I means is that on 2000-2003 crown victorias there can be a ticking noise coming from the driver’s side timing cover. This noise is caused by wear in the timing chain itself, guides, or hydraulic tensioners. If you hear this noise you should have you car looked at as soon as possible. What has been known to happen is when the chain rubs against the guides it can shave off piece of metal which then get pushed around and go everywhere your oil goes. This can lead to your car turning into a big paper weight if the problem is not taken care of. I also need to replace my upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, and sway bar linkages. I really do love this car despite all that has been wrong with it. I can't put too much blame on the car, this is part of buy a car for the first time. I am very interested in cars and wanted to learn more, and I most certainly have. Every problem I encounter I learn about a new system in my vehicle. My goal is to get this car up to 300,000 miles. Slowly but surely I will get there.
333000 miles and still kicking. Used to belong to the police and then a taxi company. I bought it 2 months ago and all I've done is change the brakes and replace the radiator hoses. Runs like a champ!!!
Good car for the money! Rust resistant. Live by the ocean(every kind of metal rusts by the Ocean. Crown Vic is slow in that process.
,so far is the best car i have, if you decide to own one ,is very fun car very big in side .people fear to see you
I love this car i just got it and will see how it works im useing it to deliver pizza for work so i hope that mantince will be easy and inexpenceive
Great car. Rides like a tank, heavy in the corners. Very durable. Parts are cheap and easy to find. Aftermarket parts are hard to come by. But a lot of aftermarket mustang parts fit onto it.
this is the most reliable car I've ever owned.At this stage of life Iam so fortunate.I have a current problem I need help with. I need the name of the rear suspension bags so I can replace them from the web if I can find them. Hope there's no after market. This car needs minium maintenance and drives like a dream. I have a friend who has a new Grand Marguee and he loves this car,his of course is 2009 and in great shape. Iam going to look around and find another one of these and see if Iam lucky to by it.
My 1995 Crown Vic has problem with the power windows, they all started to have problems at the same time.
its a good car in the long run and for travling too.
I have had my 1994 crown vic for three years, as my first car, and have really not had many problems considering its an almost 18teen year old car from when it rolled off the assembly line, and I was a crazy lead footed new driver.. I did have to replace the passenger side upper control arm and barrings once, and have some electrical problems at the moment that I intend to fix.. but all in all the 83,000 miles I have put on it in the three years I have owned it, it has been the most awesome car I think anyone could ask for! the transmission has been sputtering which I just found out means the fluid needs to be changed...DUH! lol.. but in my opinion it is the perfect car! lots of pick up and go, tons of room, and a great look with a comfortable interior! and for a full sized car with a V8, great gas mileage! I swear by them and I dont even like fords lol!
Great steering, braking, rides low to the ground so the car does not feel squirrely at higher speeds. Built for Police Dept. so it is built to run unlike the ford explorer which is built to break down. People drive safe around you, great trunk, parts are not crammed together like asian cars, making diy work not a complete pia. Parts are cheap since this is the cab and police car of choice, making repair cheaper.
The coolant system cap (a $5.00 plastic cap) seems to go bad annually causing overheating. The paint just peels off the rear sides of the car between the rear side window and rear window. I have had several problems with the A/C Blower
Very reliable car. It's a roomy car with just enough in the options department. Could use a little more horsepower due to the heavy body, but that can be done through things like dual exhaust, intakes, and other small replacements.