2003 Ford Windstar Questions

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When I start the van it sounds fine but as soon as it's put into gear, it runs super sluggish. No power and can barely get it to 30mph. We thought maybe bad gas because it had been sitting for over 8 months. That was not the problem! Any ideas????? Also will not go into reverse at all. Seemed like problem became worse the longer we drove it.
Engine sounds loud n gas fumes comes inside van
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Driving
How long have you had this problem? First day
when you start it, it will be shaking and later it will stop but can not move.
Battery has full charge. With key in the on position all gauges work, radio works, windows work. When you turn the key to try and start it everything turns off and nothing happens. It does not even try to turn over. No clicking just silent. When you release the key and it goes back to the on position everything turns back on. The information panel on the dash states a fuel computer data error and a charging system data error. I do not know where to start looking. Any help would be appreciated.
2003 Ford Windsatr Van stalls periodically while stopped and restarts after key turned off and then on, (120.000 miles). Also when coasting while turning corners
Checked all the under dash doors in the air system all working
It's like no freon is going into the condenser core box yet the back air blows really cold air
Had freon checked ok
Seems like a valve must be not opening for the freon to enter that cooling box ?
Is there a recall in subframes on a 2003 ford windstar???
The gauge needles will randomly just start moving all over, sometimes flopping off the register completely. Sometimes it's all of the gauges sometimes not. I don't have the problem in the winter, just when it warms up outside. In warm weather it is a constant's good for a while then goes off again. Sometimes when I start the car sometimes later while driving.
Had transmission rebuilt & after 2 weeks stopped while driving, would not go into drive or reverse. Took back to repair shop could only tell me water had some how got in
Chk eng light came on, car was running rough p0171,p0174 came up,everything pointed to maf sensor being dirty..i cleaned it. Car ran good 2 days. Lights back on ,same codes
While driving and idling
had the brakes changed in july, now again i amost have no brakes the pedal amost goes down to floor for second time in 3 months, there is no leaks on the brake line so i know its not that, what else could it be?
Had the oil changed 2 days ago and now it's leaking break fluid all the way around the frame. Can't find the location of the leak it's pudding in multiple spots and looks as if it's coming from the rear side of the motor
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