2002 Ford Windstar Questions

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Radio panel and clock lights out?
When I turn on my ac is automatically on and even with heat..I have to manually turn ac off?
when I accelerate while driving, my transmission shifts real hard I was told it could be the speed sensor does anybody know any solutions could it be the speed sensor or am I going to have to replace my transmission.
I own a 2002 Ford Windstar. I need to replace the positive battery cable but I can't because the power cable from the alternator that plugs into the positive battery cable must have broke for the previous owner and he created a cable out of wires. So now I can't replace it because I can't find one site online that has the original alternator power cable as it came with the car. I've tried Ford OEM sites, Ebay and Amazon. No one has it. I'm filling out junk yard forms online now. Why doesn't anyone carry it???
The positive battery cable on my 2002 Ford Windstar is loose. Not the terminal clamp...the cable that goes into the clamp is loose. When I first try to start the car, there is no power but if I jiggle the positive cable slightly, the power returns and I can start my car. I was going to recrimp it but upon further inspection, the rest of the cable looks to be in bad shape. I'd like to replace the whole thing but I can't find a youtube video or a list of instructions on how to remove the existing cable. Let me describe it...the clamp for the positive terminal splits into a y shape. The left side then has a cable which goes to the alternator. The right side goes to just under the engine fuse box and I can't tell how to remove it at that point. I can't tell if it is just plugged into a socket which I can just pull on or if there is a clip that I need to pull back on. I'm afraid to force it. Has anyone swapped this out before? If you have pics, that would be even more help.
To whom it may concern,
I dont know where to start too many problems now that i payed to replace the headgasket. The vehicle is now idling rough on drive at a stop, sometimes it sounds like its going to shut off, the catalytic converter sounds like its bad. My battery light is on I just replaced the Btry and the alternator.
will the catalytic converter get damage from the blown headgasket?
p0302. changed coil, plugs and wire so far
Can you tell me what the problem might be, and I'm wondering how much it will be to fix this problem.

Thanks for the help.
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