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I need instructions on how to put my backseat in my 2002 Ford Windstar. I am a 24 year old female with no automobile knowledge. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.
barometer and oh damn no intermittent front wipers and speedometer and odometer do not work and overdrive light flashes
Put in a used transmission, it was working just fine for several hours and then all of a sudden it would not go anymore, like it was is neutral. I turn it off and turn it back on and it will go into gear move about two to three feet and then nothing. There were no noises or anything out of ordinary that happen. I just turned in a parking lot and it did not want to move anymore. Check fluids and they are all still good
Every 3 days I have to refill the steering wheel fluid. I'm not sure if it's a leak in a hose or what. Can someone help me? And how much does it cost around an estimate?
when I get my check
the needles marking the tachometer, speed, gas and temperature goes crazy spinning and i already have the one marking the tachometer dead.
Bought a 2002 Ford Windstar and the steering wheel spins around 360. The guy I bought it from said he heard a thud and then the steering wheel started spinning all the way around. I see that the intermediate shaft is broken. Would that be the only issue I need to fix?
Quisiera saber hasta qué punto las piezas me son compatibles en la Ford Windstar lx 2002 y la Ford Windstar 2000... Gracias
i asked the other day..when i turned my car off at the gas station..when i turned it back on ..i couldn't get it out of park..had no brake lights or turn signals..chcked the bulbs they were i have no dash lights, the radio stopped working, the windows wont go down. My son and son in law changed out all the fuses today inside and out and they still don't work. They also took it to auto zone and had a test run on it and all the came up was a fuel gauge sensor..which to me makes absolutely no sense but what do i know..this is way beyond anything i can afford i think and no one seems to know..thanks
When started.B2296
Just started when I got gas the other night when I started the van it started fine but I couldn't get it out of park and I had no brake lights or turn signals..changed out the fuses but today same thing happened. When I was trying to change fuses again..Everytime I try to replace sparks and blows the fuse out.
it goes into gear just find. just start.
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