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when trying 2001 Ford Windstar there was a loud knock, tried again engine started and runs, but with a knock now finding engine oil is milky......What may have snapped, or broke?
I wanted to find out if I have to remove the engine to get the pan off of the transmission, as one site says.
How many more miles do is have left when the gas light comes on?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? It doesn't change
How long have you had this problem? The problem started around September. I parked under a tree and would get leaves where my wipers are.
van wouldnt start, replaced battery. replaced alternator twice. first one was rebuilt, 2nd brand new. it started. but cannot run AC , heater etc. drains battery. then van wont start with out a jump. battery light only comes on when AC is turned on.
My van is a POS but I'm willing to make minor fixes. I think I need a new egr valve(I'll use a different post for that). But the last couple days I found my radio doors n windows work after hrs of being home. Key in off position and out of vehicle. I'm assuming something shorted out, fuse maybe but have no idea. Also key point- the system that keeps van on for the 10 min after u turn key off hasn't worked in a year. I have bad rear hatch sensors so when I turn key off it automatically shuts down- well it use to. Drained battery once not realizing the radio was playing for a couple days and not being started.
low battery sensor go on and off
Has a tapping noise under the van when you mash on the celebrato. When you step on the gas
Looking to switch smashed driver door
v an has 14 codesinthe pcmc1155cf wss circuit c1233 cf wss signal missing c1185 abs power relay output circuit failure c1198 left front c1194 left front c1254 right rear c1246 right rear
Had it checked today and they told me that it would cost between $188-2000 Is that correct. Hesitates in second gear then is all right.
Just feels like you're in nuetrel
Arrow going crazy RPM move to fast
could my belt tensioner make loud knocking noises coming from the engine
i first started it. it backfired so i tried it again . it started but now it has a loud knocking noise coming from the engine. what could this be. its not the upper intake runner.

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