2000 Ford Windstar Questions

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How do I fix this?
I don't know if I'm calling it by its correct name.I think my intake is leaking around the seals where the IMRC linkage hooks up to the intake manifold.If I can where can I find the seals they don't come in the gasket kit.Thats what I have been told.
so can i adjust the pull cables to make it shut all the way
I have to add brake fluid sometimes.
need to replace them
And Antifreeze has leaked out the front driver side.
Camshaft was moved without making any markings so the timing is off.
It broke while I was driving it and it sounded like a flat tire or something. When I got out and observed it, it was busted and could be seen through the rear tire well. It also looked like it started to scrape the back bumper and rear portion of the wheel well.
It is sitting in a parking lot & I have never done this before. I don't even know where the starter is located or what tools I will need. But I can't afford a repair shop or a tow & all my friends say I should be able to do this.
The transmission automatically locks out of overdrive after 4 downshifts when driving over small hills on the highway. Then it stays out until the van is turned off and back on again.

Removed vacuum lines during replacement egr vacuum controller valve. A red vacuum line attached to intake manifold in front of vacuum controler. this splits to three vacuum lines, green or white to egr vacuum controller, black thru firewall and a red line to ??? Any one know what this goes to and where it is at?

makes noise when backing up and sounds like it catches some time.
my radio was shutting off and on by itself know my passenger window wont work. When I push the button on the drivers side door the radio shuts off with the push of the window button like they are connected
I have a light that goes on sometimes and I would like to know what it is. Is there anybody that has a sample of the display of the instrument panel warning lights of a 2000 ford windstar
How do you replace heater in 2000 Ford Windstar? Two days of "clicking" sound when ignition key turned. Now no heat at all. Fan is fine. No more clicking. Need instructions for replacing heat/AC for backyard mechanic husband.
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