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after changing the battery I noticed holding the key 2-3 seconds longer to start the car. then it took 2-3 attempts then the car would start. then it took holding the key for about a min or more. headlights and interior lights come on as normal. jumped car and it started. checked the alternator and it had pull. though it must be the starter. tapped on starter and the car cranked. thought it has to be the starter then. changed the starter and it worked for half a day. back to holding the key longer. once it starts you can turn it off and back on with no problem. let it sit and back to holding the key. and sometimes it doesn't work.
Also having intermittent starting problems after driving about 20 min . Shut car off and then wont start feels like a dead battery . Wait about 10 mins then it starts. Battery checks good also replaced alternator.
When we checked the dipstick for the oil there was bubbles of water on the dipstick. what could this be from and what repairs may be needed?
Hi all...My 2000 Windstar, 3.8, 114,000 mile van's cooling fans have recently started to run on hi-speed right after start up, cold engine, and no A/C on. Sometimes they will run continuously, sometimes turn off after driving a while, but usually come back on again after that. No other problems,..just the annoying noise from the fans. thanks.
the right one will move but the left one will not
also my car turns off after
constant codes po1071 and po174 changed pcv valve and line changed dpfe sensor and hoses changed egr and line cleaned maf sensor engine idle is smooth and good power no hesitation or stalling cold starts or quick and easy the thumping is not constant and tends to stop in gear. please help
The vehicle stopped moving forward engine just rares up when i hit the gas, but it will move in reverse! The van gave me no warnings or slippage to just make me consider it's the transmission! I do know that the front right axle was dripping a thick grease when i got my tires changed that what makes me ask about the axle! I had to drive my vehicle backwards home because it would not move move move forward!
i was driving , noticed my belt squeaking this morning when i started my van , then while i was driving around 60 mph it started jerking did this a few times back to back then i slowed down to about 45 mph and it did it again , when i sped up it did it a few more times then did not do it again all the way to work .... anyone else have this issue , or know what this is ??
No diagnostic codes.....It was working fine. Was making a small road trip, stopped at a gas station and started it back up when I noticed neither the odometer or speedometer were working.
P0135-02 Heater sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 1, P01131-Manufacturer specific code, P0171-System too lean bank 1.
need to get to power window control
99 Ford Windstar.Trans has 40 thousand miles on it. Recently the overdrive light blinks when i start it. The check engine light is on and no code has popped up to signal the problem.
Well now it want go into part,the gear shift is lose. I have to start it in neutral,and connot park on a hill and i have to use my emergency break to make sure it doesnt move.

I just need some info on what the problem is or could be,cause everyone i talk to where i live says well...its a ford for ya..I dont have time to hear thta,i need to get this problem fixed so i can pass my inspection,thanks for your time.
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