2000 Ford Windstar Questions

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the van sat all winter
Trying to replace
the tubeline, is there a certain way to take out? It is leaking.
V6 3.8. Sorry i recently posted the wrong code
Where will the problem be. We have cleaned the EGR valve .
I put a used transmission in the old one had no forward. Everything was working fine until I took it on the freeway. At about 60mph the O/D light started flashing I could feel the overdrive coming on and off. RPM went from 2000 to 2300. When I turn the engine off and started again light was off drove fine until I went on the freeway again. The used tran. was out of a 2000 Windstar 3.0L. The only difference was the shifter connector and had to use the 3.8L tran. TSS sensor because the wirer connector is different from the 3.0L. I don't want to do this job again but if I have to I will. What can I try before I change it out again.

I need a catalytic converter, how do I find out if my windstar has federal or California emissions
It is intermittent, and comes on only after 30+ mins of driving! at speeds over 35 mph.. 2) same van.. Door ajar light is on, back hatch is shut but not showing it is closed, how do I find switch to check, where is rear hatch closure switch located? Ty very much for your help
I took it to a place to get new brakes put on and now I have no heat at all just cold air
popping sounds when started. we removed intake and fixed a minor flaw with nol resolution to popping sound
what do I need to make sure gets done at the 135000 mile service?
Car makes loud knocking noise and smoking from back. Engine light and oil light on. Car died twice to work. So I put oil in and it still doing it. If it has anything to do with engine is their any way to fix it without having to remove the engine at all.
2000 windstar won't turn over. New Battery & starter. Checked all fuses and All good. When I try to start it in either park or nutral, I get power to all the interior functions and the starter solenoid energizes, but it won't turn over the engine or even try to. It was working fine the other night. The next morning it would not start. There was no change to the problem by installing a new battery or starter.
Code 171 and 174 come up what could it be?
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