2000 Ford Windstar Questions

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no pressure registers on the guage. My ac is on but the compressor does not kick on. What can be the problem. The can says that it might take half a can of the refridgerant before it kicks on, but I do not believe that it is accepting the coolant.
Replaced engine. Ran great. Now won't start and have to unhook battery to get lights etc off. Replaced ignition switch
I have spoken with mechanics and frankly tired of hearing there is nothing wrong with my van. It started 5 days after I bought. The seals in area for power steering went out and so they keep telling me thats why the lifts flash power steering has nothing to do with oilnd brakes
Often, when driving, I turn right (mostly) the wheel will turn but the tires wont. Even when going straight but turning on a slight curve in the road. The slipping is not every time but happens at least 5-10 times a day. Its not play, after a second it catches and the tires turn in the direction the wheel is being turned. Very seldom does it happen when turning left. My question is what parts are needed to fix this and aprox. the cost of the repair by a mechanic? Thank you for any helpful advise.
150000 mi on engine, there is no pinging at idle or under normal driving conditions, replaced valve stem seals because of oil consumption,also ran products directly thru injectors thinking it was carbon build up in intake,
My winstar has the airbag light on if i take fuse out will it deploy?
this van has 2 clamps that seem to be after market. it has broken in half almost all the way thru. will they still fix this problem? it is undrivable right now due to the tires leaning into the van and rubbing severly. what do i do?
After driving for about 10-15 minutes on cold (Less than 32 degrees), days, my heat gauge goes very high for a few seconds and then back to normal. It doesn't do this again unless the engine gets cold again. When this happens, the overflow tank also overflows about a quart of water. I figure it is the thermostat, but I know very little.
It just started messing up and replacing power steering pump l seen a post some models or all were recalled and replacement was free. Please tell me if that is the case
The vehicle has 170k miles. Runs great and smooth when going down the road but when its in park or in gear idling it sounds like it has a big miss. (pu pu pu pu pu pu). And sometimes when coming to a stop it will go dead. And I was going up the highway the other day and the battery light came on and stayed on for a few minutes and then it went back off. Recently had new plugs and wires installed and a new fuel filter.
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