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Its Hard To Find A Honest Mechanic. My 2000 Ford Windstar The Heater First Stopped Blowing And Just Made A Clicking Sound Now It Blows On All Speeds But Just Blows Out Cold Air. It Has Also Just Recently Started To Where Theres A Strong Gas Smell Coming From Under The Drivers Side Of The Vehicle Mainly After You Drive It But Sometimes Even When Your Driving Every Now And Then But Rarely Theres A Tiny Little Spot Under The Vehicle That Smells Like Gas,Me And My Wife Are Both Disabled And Only Have Our Disability But Have A 6 Year Old Child We Need Help But Are Limited In Funds Can You Help Us?

we replaced all new parts but it still blows hot

Car will crank but won't start. I checked the fuel relay and I don't hear the fuel pump running when I turn on the ignition.

Van is misfiring

no pressure registers on the guage. My ac is on but the compressor does not kick on. What can be the problem. The can says that it might take half a can of the refridgerant before it kicks on, but I do not believe that it is accepting the coolant.

Replaced engine. Ran great. Now won't start and have to unhook battery to get lights etc off. Replaced ignition switch

I have spoken with mechanics and frankly tired of hearing there is nothing wrong with my van. It started 5 days after I bought. The seals in area for power steering went out and so they keep telling me thats why the lifts flash power steering has nothing to do with oilnd brakes

Often, when driving, I turn right (mostly) the wheel will turn but the tires wont. Even when going straight but turning on a slight curve in the road. The slipping is not every time but happens at least 5-10 times a day. Its not play, after a second it catches and the tires turn in the direction the wheel is being turned. Very seldom does it happen when turning left. My question is what parts are needed to fix this and aprox. the cost of the repair by a mechanic? Thank you for any helpful advise.