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just nothing works when you turn the key on.

Changed plugs and wires now even worse and a knocking noise and engine light still flashing when try to accelerate runs fine in park found out intake manifold leaking changing gaskets now but intake full of black sludge and plenum smells of gas still checking her out but noticed the intake manifold control module is missing the linkage rods???? Can I get just the rods replaced instead of the 200 dollar module?? And can I reuse the isolator bolts on the intake??? Or should I buy new bolts??? the axle recall is over and cannot b replaced now really scared and van occasionally dies doing 60 mph on highway no nothing not even headlights but comes back on in a couple seconds I call it the nightmare that Ford created but won't take fault for this vehicle should never of been allowed to b sold to me should of been torched and crushed but it's my only vehicle and can't afford to replace it but I don't think it's worth my life or my child's Thanx ford for fucking us just glad mine hasn't caught on fire yet ridiculous u should b ashamed worst vehicle I ever owned

I cleaned 3 ground cables with no luck

i put a used instrument cluster in and van wont start

key removed headlights stay on until battery disconnected

My dash keeps telling me my driver,back passenger and hatch are open. they are not open. Any advise would be cool. thank you.

We put Freon in it still hot air.

2000 Ford Windstar
Running van stalls loose dash lights but the head and tail lights remain on even with key off. It turns over but won't start.

Where is it going I do not smell it burning was told the motor was replaced with a new one but I've only had it 3 months and its loosing oil somewhere just can't see where its going only knocks while in drive I can sit in park with it running and no knocking totally confused plz help

Heater Blows Just Cold Air, And Now We Smell Gas From Under Drivers Side Mainly After Driving But Sometimes While Driving

Heater Blows Just Cold Air, And Now We Smell Gas From Under Drivers Side Mainly After Driving But Sometimes While Driving

Its Hard To Find A Honest Mechanic. My 2000 Ford Windstar The Heater First Stopped Blowing And Just Made A Clicking Sound Now It Blows On All Speeds But Just Blows Out Cold Air. It Has Also Just Recently Started To Where Theres A Strong Gas Smell Coming From Under The Drivers Side Of The Vehicle Mainly After You Drive it Can You Help Us?