1999 Ford Windstar Questions

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O/D light flashes. Starts looping around 60 mph. Put 2 rebuilt transmission in. Replaced some sensors. Replaced the PCM. Still does same thing
my Windstar looks like the PCM is bad, I did test the wiring and pins on the PCM according to my alldata and found open circuit at the PCM between pin 6 -- to 71,24,25,51,76,77,91and103
This test was for the TSS turbine/transmission speed sensor test at the PCM which other pinpoint tests were good. I had rebuild the transmission and it never shifted then put in another from the junkyard and did the same. Do you think I need the PCM? I have no stores or active codes. I tried looking but I didn't see any burn marks on the PCM board. Please if you can help me out I will appreciate it. Thanks
Thr Anti theft on my Ford Windstar is stuck and the car will not start as a result.
i have a 99 windstar that we replaced motor from a 2001 windstar. still have 99 transmission. will this work? If not why? what is the difference.
'99 Windstar, 3.8 hard to start and after driving rough idle or won't start until engine cools down. Found both IMRC rods off. Will this cause the problems I am having? Codes are P1518, 0171 and 0174.
the fluid was being thrown around after landing on the belt, it's causing the alternator to 'short out' making me think the alternator was going out at first.
Ive replaced Egr valve and IAC valve and downstream o2 sensors and problem remains
dash panel lights flashing off and on
Bought van used steering colum was tampered with no horn hard to shift. Was driving last night went to park had to reajust. Couldn't put it into reverse so had to put in nutral ...tried to put it into drive wouldn't go ...put it into Overdrive...can't put it into Park....therfore can't start it..
I put in a new fuel filter new battery new starter new alternater haven't checked codes next I'll change plugs and wires but the lights dim out and engine stalls out I checked the alternator and it's good .
When I apply the breaks for more than 5 seconds or so before the vehicle stops, it makes a metal popping sound and the brakes ease up a bit and lock back in hard. It's like a gear that skips over a cog but hits the next one hard. Any ideas what it could be?
.Brake lights work when I brake..turn signals work ..I have checked the fuses..not really sure if I know exactly even after reading manuel if i know which fuses and or if relay is problem. Also replaced 4 of 6 bulbs in rear..the top and bottom on each side..please help
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