1997 Ford Windstar Questions

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At least 2 a day anytime any where. No warnings of anykind
Bought van few days ago and realised my engine was not put in properly and now it sits too low and way back how can i fix this?
Power Assisting steering oil fluid esape, since rubber tube where this oil runs through is getting appart. Something to do with pressure. Even we connected pipe with more stronger hub, it still getting out of the tube and oil leakes. Please help what to do?
and it stinks like rotten eggs. what could this be?
I have been trying to fix this problem now for a while and can't seem to figure it out. I have changed the coil pack and all plugs and wires. The miss hasn't changed or moved at all. When I am going down the road everything seems just fine. But when I stop I get a flashing CEL and have no power at all. Once it creeps past about 30-35mph the problems goes away again like nothing was ever wrong. Anyone have any ideas about what to try next. I'm tired of spending money on it but I love the van and don't want to get rid of it.
The door jam bell to start singing for no reason
I just need to know the repair time. Thank you.
I have had it replaced 2 times just this year. Three times within the last two years. What would cause it to go bad so quickly?
At first it would smoke for a few minutes and then stop and run fine. Now, it does not stop emitting a dense whitish gray fog and smokes a little after you turn the engine off. It was running okay when I took it for a tuneup and when I got it back it started making a rattling noise and then chugged and stopped. After letting it cool down, I got it home and started it up the next day, it ran fine but will not stop blowing white smoke and leaving a black residue on the ground by the tailpipe.
I have a air bag light that sometimes flashes tice then five times . or vice versa. I noticed a blown fuse in the relay box under the hood and replaced that ( it was for the airbags) And still have the problem. I even disconnected the battery to "reboot" the system .
I have an ongoing problem of stalling at stops and when putting in gear. I have had repairs done 3 times but still have problem. This is a list of repairs. Tuneup with wires, plugs, fuel filter, air filter and oil change. Also replaced the TPS, IAC, Speed Control Modulator, upper & lower intake gaskets. What could be the problem? Please help, I'm ready to put a For Sale sign on it. My email address is: Thanks. Brenda
Where is the resistor for the heater on a 1997 Ford Windstar
R&R of acelerator control and r&r of intake runner control.
My temp gauge stays on cold all the time. I do have coolant and the heater works but the van does not overheat. Could it be a sensor. My check engine light is on.
The Overdrive Symbol on my 97 Windstar continuosly flashes. The manual says it means "Transaxle Electrical System Malfunction". Does anyone know what that means and how to remedy?
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