1995 Ford Windstar Questions

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I just got my van and need to put oil in it and would like to know how many qaurts does it take
I just got my van and need to put oil in it and would like to know how much oil does it take?
After driving for about 20 minutes my 3.8 Windstar develops a bad miss.If I cut it off , idles ruff,runs bad.
I have a code p0302 and we changed the spark plugs, coil pack and wires. What could cause it to idol every now and them. sometimes the van runs great!
is there a local place to buy premade brake lines
Vehicle located in Hampton VA 23669.

Information for my brother
Just bought this vehicle. It has been well cared for but it came with no maintenance history nor even owner's manual. Wondering about maintenance schedule repairs such as timing belt/chain replacement or other issues that someone will tell me I should have taken car of, after the fact.
I turned my car on and noticed the wheel was very stiff and afterwards I noticed the serpentine belt stopped moving. I didn't hear any specific noise. I also noticed that something had leaked out, I know it wasn't oil I think it might have been the steering wheel fluid. I was rotating the serpentine wheel and it started becoming loose.
I don't know what a "CV Boot" is so I'm flying blind on this and have to take their word that it's leaking.They say the best thing to do is replace the whole axle assembly at a cost of $500..never had any problem with it before but I've had it since 95!Time to replace it?
there are long and short bolts that go in cylinder head on 3.8 need to know where the long one go top or bottom?
working on 3.8 need to know if the long bolts go on the top or bottom
how do i replace the ignition key cylinder
i cannot get the key cylinder out
The problem is just getting worse, I'm not a mechanic or a wealthy man so I have not taken it to a shop. If someone could help shed some light on my situation I would appreciate very much.
Bank 01 too lean,
Some mechanics said Mass air flow problem,
Others said I have four sensors, I purchased 2 new ones, still won't pass. Yesterday car wouldn't crank, black smoke was coming out of mas flow housing. black liquid lingering in housing.
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