Q: Ford went to start and the engine started to turn, stopped and I heard a gush... on 2000 Ford Expedition

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It sounds like it is stuck. Checked oil and did not find any on stick. Started at home and didn't notice any differance, stop at store and try starting it. Just had it changed 4000 miles ago. Put two quarts in but still nothing.
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Have you tried turning the crankshaft by hand? Like #1 answer says- sounds like engine seized , adding oil after the damage is done won't help. put two quarts in the engine and still nothing shows on the dipstick and now it seems like it is stuck? I would think the engine is locked up.
The two quarts shows on dip stick, but it still won't try to turn over. Lights go down when trying. It has new battery and alt.. It just has the start sound and justs stops...does not keep cranking.