1993 Ford Thunderbird SC Questions

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Engine oil sending unit shows no pressure when car is running. With key on it shows almost half. All I did was change the spark plugs and went to start it and it started knocking and I noticed no oil pressure.
is it a difficult task?
Car started fine,replaced the electric fan went to start it and I'm getting nothing.lights will come on on the dash but I turn the key and it won't even turn over.
I notice a lot when the boost gauge hits 5psi,changed all the gaskets and it still does it,what could I look at next.
Pressure to porportion valve inlet is there but nothing exiting.
put a new engine in the car and it dont want to idle very good and im not sure if i got all the vaccum lines right or not,car smooths out and sound pretty good when u keep giving it fuel but it wont idle at all hardly.
the housing that holds my Clutch pedal sw. is broken and giving me fits ! If I wire this sw, in the closed position, will the engine run OK ?
any tips to make radiator changing easy
How many Blue with Blue cloth int. and a 5-speed I want to know how many were made with these specs
My car has trouble starting first thing in the morning. It will try to turn over then it just makes this clicking noise. Usually I have to charge it for a min and then starts right up. Once i get it started in the morning it starts fine the rest of the day. Sometimes i just have to remember to start it as soon as I wake up and I dont have a problem. Any idea what it could be?
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