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left rear turnindicator did not work, new bulb did not help, original bulb is not burned out, could it have its own fuse?
ac won't cool
Only happens on freeway driving
where can I buy revised ignition coils for 2005 tbird 50th anniversart
My battery died a while back, ever since I have problems with the way it runs. The computer was reset when the battery was first it was the check engine light then the wrench. I went to my mechanic he set the computer codes that were off it runs good for a while then I go start it and it runs likes I said husband thinks its the coils and plugs this car has 44.700 miles on it.I think its something to do with emissions.
On occasion, a warning light E appears. the transmission seems to perform OK and the light disappears.
It doesn't do it all the time. Sometimes it is just fine and then it will slip. Then it will slip again.
Yesterday, going about 50 mph, pulled out to pass and engaged passing gear. Engine immediately stumbled and amber wrench warning light came on. Got home on partial power with engine stumbling badly and could not get past about 40 MPH. An hour later, problem gone. This never happened before. My T-Bird is well maintained and has 47,000 miles. Was this the coil problem, or something else?
PCM died at 90,000 miles... Need to get this beautiful car running again so I can drive it out of the local Ford servicing dept where it has been for over 5 months.
I have a 2005 T-bird. I had a flat tire. I tried to remove the rear tire but I could not get the tire off. I took it to the shop to see why and I am being told that it is going to cost me close to $1,500 to fix as this is a known problem with this vehicle but not a recall and Ford has changed the design so I can not just change the bad hub but have to replace the entire assembly Rotor/Hub/Bearing/seal/Drive shaft as Ford came up with a new service part to fix the issue. Is this right? This seems very silly to me. What happened to design for serviceability?
the light was of a wrench
picture. and ion the book it said something about" throtal body and i was in a limp home mode. and to see the dealer. first time ever. 51,000 miles. Started fine later in the day and drove just fine, what is wrong???
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