2004 Ford Thunderbird Questions

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Howdy, Seeking a great mechanic in Palm Springs, CA for my 2004 Thunderbird Premium. Any referrals for me? Paul
Auto lamp switch not working After installing new battery
filled with 87 octane by mistake
hot and cold stays in middle.. temp sign flickers dimly
car running above normal temp.
I tried turning the key and pulling up on the trunk no results
checked under the instrument panel with no noticeable noise. checked under hood and could not find anything.
low beam light does not work but high beam does on pass side
high beam works low beam don't
Where on the manifold is the sensor located?
2 years ago Ford changed #8 coil and charged $1200. Didn't tell me then about extended warranty. Just had local garage replace all 8 coils - still a problem. They think changing computer is only thing left. Will this help? What is approximate cost for this?
The back light and the dimmer do not work. all gauges function properly but night driving is not possible. vehicle only has 50 340 miles
What to look for 1st,2nd,3rd?The brake pedal has gone to the floor once,I checked the fluid level,It was low,I added fluid to recommended level.No brake system failure since, but both lights remain on ???.I used a CarMD,I think the code was PO 174,
I meant to ask how to locate sparkplugs and ignitioncoils on a 2004 thunderbird
Can't locate them
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