1997 Ford Thunderbird Questions

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Recently replace the camshaft position sensor and the EGR valve and the canister purge valve. My gas mileage has recently increased but code 340 keeps coming up

It I hold the brake and give it gas to the rpms go up to 2000 it doesn't seem to slip and shortly it shifts into second and didn't slip through the rest of the gears. Wondering if I need to replace the filter. They just did a flush through the fluid filler. Limited funds please help...

Don't know if it's the rear seal or transmission pan gasket

So I got my Thunderbird a little while ago. I noticed it has a delayed starting problem.
You will hear the fuel pump turn on along with the fan. The fuel pump can turn off but until one of the fan turns off the car will not start.
As the weather gets colder it takes longer to start. Such as this summer at about 70 degrees it only took 5 minutes. If I had turned it on earlier that day it only took 2-3.
However now that the temperature has dropped to 17 degrees it takes forever to start. For example I went out this morning and turned the key on expecting my normal 30-45 minute delay. However after an 1 hour and 15 minutes the fan still did not turn off so I could not start the car. I ended up turning the key off and finding another ride because of my car.
What could be wrong with my car? I was told it might be something like a fan relay box.
Also I have replaced all of the fuel line items with new ones. Such as the fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, fuel pump, etc. with brand new parts and it is holding pressure.

New door pins internal lights turn off when pins are manually pressed

While driving down road, rpms start to drop, car feels bogged down but doesn't die. Radiator is super hot. Any ideas what this could be. Intake Manifold has already been checked out.


Iam looking for someone to put it inn for me what Would it cost can you help me

I have performed a diagnostic test which came back with a code of 30, which does not seem to exist anywhere.

? is should i change valve or valve and solenoid light comes on for an hour than i dont see it for days than again for an hour so on and so on

I have a 97 Thunderbird too, and am having the same trouble. Hard to start and runs with a bad miss.
When I put it in gear it misses very bad and the engine sounds like it is about to through a rod. Rattles like crazy.
Has new plugs and I have been told it has a sticking valve. I added an additive to free up sticking lifters. Tomorrow I will
check the compression.
Does someone have any idea's on a fix?