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At first my Tbird wouldn't start so I replaced the fuel filter and pump and now it barely starts and idles but as soon as I put pressure on the gas pedal it starts to make a puddering sound and I have to put the pedal to the floor and hold it there to keep it running but it don't accelerate, it's when I release the gas pedal that it starts to accelerate, all while still in park. The check engine light is on, the car is almost constantly borderline overheating, and I just need to know what I need to fix before I fix everything but the problem and keep spending unnecessary money lol. Someone please help that knows what they're doing. This is my first car and I want it to leave a good taste in my mouth for this classy car.
My reserve tank has a cracked in it and I need a new one.
Over heats when and heaterms still works
The part I need is an arm about 6 inches or less with a silver pin on one end.
I have recently began working on the car myself since I spent close to 2k on fixing the car already. I have replaced both ECT and CHT sensors, bought a new fan and still it does not come on by itself. Could it be a fuse in the control module box, or the sensor connectors? If it's the fuse, where do I put the fuse because I don't have the owners manual and I can't find it online. Thank you for your help in advance.
Spark plugs been changed. Fuel injectors cleaned. Using premium gas. Tried sea foam.
have Sport pads with standard rotor. Pads seem to large. They extend up past the rotor, and are grinding on hub of rotor. Pads fit on sport rotor, which is taller and has a smaller hub. Problem there is sport rotor is to large to fit caliper bracket. What's up?
can you tell me how many hours of work is involed total
dont know what to try next
It will crank after about 20 minute if sitting
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