1991 Ford Thunderbird Questions

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this problem started two weeks ago.
My window is off track and I think the track that controls the window is bent.h ow much does one cost.
it's like something is getting hot and kicking off
There is a ride control button in my 91 t bird. The struts and shocks I bought won't hook up to that. Is it ok to use them?
i changed spark plugs/wires ,oil, radiator, heads, transmission, the mass airflow sensor is clean, the thermostat is new....heeeeelp
How do I change the ATF
Was at Shucks looking for my obd port to check my check engine light code and couldn't find the port. I had the people from Shucks come out and look and they also could not find it. Any help would be great.
digital lights on dash are working but wont light up
I have the dash off and the heater box exposed. I believe that the tubes from the air conditioner system is attached to a similar core to that of the heater. I cannot see how to remove the air conditioner core from the back of the heater box so that I can remove the heater box and replace the heater core in it. I don't believe I should be disconnecting the air conditioner tubes. The car is not drivable without a dash and steering wheel so it won't be going anywhere until I put it back together. I am almost there, but cannot see what else to disconnect and how to remove the box by sliding it free from the air conditioner tubes coming through the firewall. Thank you for your help. Randy Arnett (email 10/29/10 2:51 pm pt)
when changing the brake master cylkinder do you have to remove the dash?
i replaced the ignition module and it last running for few weeks and know it just won't kick in to start, like it it out of gas??
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