1994 Ford Tempo Questions

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Car sat for ten years. Replaced all fluids, tune up
The fuel pump comes on. I replaced the starter. still nothing.
1994 ford tempo water[ump instruction for removal. It looks like It may be best to get a price on it at a shop only because I may not have all the tools and they do. But, there's always the drawback that I may get the mechanic from hell. Lol.
Even manual shifting does not help with the cars lack of speed.
How much does it cost to replace the transmission?
I had to disconnect the battery to turn them off
maintained and tuned-up.
tryed to charge and just blew out
My car wants to pull to the right when breaking and has had some smoking from the right side . trying to figure out what may need i dont know much of anything about cars and this is my first car.
just replaced the head gasket and the water pump. water still streaming out at front corner of motor in the area of the new water pump.
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