1992 Ford Tempo Questions

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i have a 5 speed and my car wont move in any gear.
I have purchased a 92 ford tempo. The relay behind the glove box has gotten hot enough to melt connector slightly, the blower motor has been hot wired to battery, and I want to repair heater
as it should be. I need to know main power source for heating system. The 30 amp fuse is all right, but after that everything is dead, there is no power at heater power switch. The mode panel
will change to different positions, but everything else seems dead. What is main source of power from heater switch to blower motor. blower motor works, I ran wire from it to battery. what am I missing, where do I start?
There is a knocking when my car is in gear but idoling. It goes away when i give it gas.
drivers seat belt not working (the shoulder belt that moves as you turn key)
Will turn over but not start. There is a disconnected hose but don't know where it goes.
Hello, I have a check engine light and the engine is of course running a bit rough - where is the computer or where can I check the codes?

replaced starter relay now i'm not sure where wires go on each terminal
brake lights work but signal don't
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