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I can't find a video on ac installation. I bought the car and was told some one tryed to weld a compressed to it and messed up the ac mounts. I was thinking of trying to re tap the mounts to try and get one on. I'm not sure I can tho so if I can get help with putting a belt on it without a ac. I'd appreciate it. I've done it with other cars but this one is tricky.
someone please explain which wires go to each post...thank you
Can't get top bolt to line up correctly and start without crossthreading. Does the top bolt go in from the opposite direction? Please, say it does... If possible, text my phone at (970)-630-6393 as my internet reception out here really bites. I can get texts usually, but internet is very slow & patchy.
is there a fuse in the engine compartment that could be bad
engine stalls and hesitates or has very high r.p.m.
Motor is running I can hear it..but the seat belt is not moving.
Transmission filter was changed, since the replacement, car will only shift into first gear and reverse.
st gear could it be a vacumn hose
I just put a new fuel pump on and line is clear. Worked fine and then had to replace the starter. After replacing the starter it would not pump fuel again.
Starter operates correctly most of the time. Once in a while all electrical works but no click, no start. 10 minutes later starts right up. what could cause this?
My car would jump out of gear while driving and I could pull over put it in park shut the car off then restart and have no more problems. The last time that happened it was like the transmission got stuck in low gear and won't change out. I was told that it was possibly the computer shift module, what is that?
my car stall every time i put it in gear what wrong
the car was idling for about 5 min and then died. i went the next day and replaced the cap and rotor plugs and wires. still nothing. I checked fuel pressure to the rail, no pressure. i popped off the fuel line going into the fuel filter and it was dry. i believe it is the fuel pump but i dont want to tell the owner that and it not be it. i tried reseting the fuel cutoff switch too. with no help. Is there a way to test the pump or is there other things it could be?
when i start the car it will stay running as long as i hold the key i let go of key it dies
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