1990 Ford Tempo Questions

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It goes into the other gears fine but like 30 mph , it has a problem shifting to next gear the RPM's get higher, so I let of the gas and it goes into gear. But later when it needs to downshift out of the gear, it goes in hard. What is wrong wgat do I need to do ?
It's also been timed and whenstostop @light it stalls
Do you suggest tracing the leak or just use BLUEDEVIL transmission sealer? Just pours out when running and drips when off. Transmission not going in 1st smoothly but 2nd/3rd fine.
i have line it up with the oil pump and made the correct adjustment but it keep breking why?
i am filling brake fluid about every 3 days
i believe the starter is jammed , tried to start on a clod morning and she cranked a little then stopped , since then i just get a thunk when i turn the key, think its is from the starter
Should we check the fuses or the light bulbs?
So my alt.belt came off. I replace it. Then the wires connecting to the the alternator start melting and smoking. SO I replaced the plug. But again the wires and now the plug itself are melting ? What do I do - what is the cause of this ? Lets keep in mind I drive a tempo and money is an issue. Besides that the car has been excellent.
i just had to change my heater core in my 85 ford tempo and right after changeing it the fan stopped blowing so i changed the motor and pluged it in and it still wont turn on
how do i fix my horn when i cant find any horn relay?my car doesnt have cruise control so theres no speed control amplier that its with and i have a manual transmission.i know the horn works when hooked to battery but doesnt from steering wheel when do i fix this?
Alternator belt tears 2-3 tmes per week. Had bracket replaced. A/C does not work, would seized condensor cause belt problem? Any other ideas??
the heater was working but blowing cold air so i shut off the fan and tryed to turn the fan back on but there was notihng
Does my car have stored trouble codes? If so how can i retreive them,also i was wondering could a bad strut cause the check engine light to come on?
Need step by step for removal of manual transmission. I actually have an 1989 model.
(don't need any more responses...the job was done the day after I asked. The AllData answer although just a tad bit late was good advice...thanks!)
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