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When traveling longer distances (60-200 miles) the heat just powers of and I have to keep turning it on. No unusual noises are heard at the time it does this. I brought it to the dealership and the guy said to make sure I didn't have the auto button on the first time, now this time he told me he had to clean my battery cables and said I don't drive enough and maybe the battery is power down to much, I've owned several vehicles and never heard of that. I put about 50 miles and week on my vehicle. Just wanting to see if there is something else wrong or if you had similar problems, I think the mechanic is trying to dollar me to death. This is a 2015 Taurus SHO.
I myself thought it was the switch going out
Lights on dash were fine. The car was running & the passenger door was open for @ 10 minutes, afterwards the dash was very dim. I turned the car off & restarted but no difference. Also I noticed a noise when I was brightening/dimming the headlights.
It don't shut off while driving just after its been in park for a few mins
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