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The freeze plug was cracked an need to be replaced if so could you confirm. It leaks out only when it's in park or the car has cut off from the highway ? An if it is the freeze plug how could you tell if it's the front or rear freeze plug cap ?
i chang battery with a new type of them and start engin, engine begin to turning but not light up
We just purchased this car, it has a major coolant leak. The dealer is repairing the leak but now I am very worried about keeping the car. It is the 3.5 liter v-6, which I now know can have problems with the water pump around this time. Is this a car I should waste my time on or run? Thank you!
I've pulled 10 different codes, all say Heated O2 sensor. Bank 1 sensor 1. Of course the car is too new to find anything on it. I'm just trying to find some diagram or something to show me which O2 sensor it is and where it's located.
What is an estimated cost of repair?
Where is the canister purge valve located on a 2013 ford taurus
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