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2013 Ford Taurus Reviews and Owner Comments

2013 Ford Taurus (2 Reviews)
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overall i like my 2013 taurus limited. torque is low,the ride is not all that great, but i after marketed the air intake.i seem to get a lot more horespower now. i dont really like the dashboard controls.
Why is Ford just coming around with projector Hologen lights,when my 06 Mercury had OEM HID'S? The Safety Dept. for the government is even after Ford to brighten there lights. We are now using LED Headlights Ford. Here is the good one, the sales person tells you the sound system is a surround sound? This has to be the worse system I ever heard. There is background noise and flutter on the SYNC system, and the cheap Chinese speakers are as flat as a girl I knew in second grade. Oh; I see spend $50K for the SHO that says it has a so called Sony. More then likely it's a bottom line, just like all parts companies use. I just spent $1600 to replace 4- 6x9" Hybrid Audio Image speakers along with JL 400 amp. to breathe some life into the garbage sold to me. (by the way I still have the fluter and noise and want Ford to correct this mishap. If I could take back time I would take my 2006 Mercury Montego any day! ps. Also the layout is redundant.They have 4 ways to do the same function. Example: heat, on dash board, on the 7" sync screen, on the wheel, and last by voice. Ford has a better idea.