2012 Ford Taurus Questions

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Only when it rains it leaks on my passenger side floor and runs to the back passenger floor also.My trunk also gets water in it.
I have a 2012 Ford Taurus..My radio changes stations on it's own, and I can't control the volume using the dash controls, but can using the steering controls only. I can't turn air off and or use climate controls to control air in any way.
it would usually say "aux line not in" but now it says "no aux" there a reset code? (I can't find my owners manual, wondered if there would be one listed in the car)
Had dealer replace the starter and stabilizer links in October. Car had 51k miles. Just has left stabilizer link replaced ( it came apart) and starter replaced (it quit). Not happy. Now water pump is leaking (they want $1800 to replace it). Car has 81k miles now
tail lights and turn signals are working.
Both sides are dragging. Doesn't seem to be the calipers.
With it jacked up and the car in park there is some drag. I put it in neutral and a lot of drag.
I noticed it the first time about two months ago after driving. Left rear disc was extremely hot. Drove home and it didn't get hot at all. In fact was cool to the touch when I got home.
Continues to do that, occasionally drag and occasionally not.
Could it be electronic?
after resetting the computer how many miles must you drive before it can pass emissions
Does it really make a difference whether or not it's a flex fuel? some stores ask, some say it's not an option.
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