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Your driving then your bliss and radio go dark, all warnings come on then off and the engine never goes off. Turn car off and then back on and all is good. Notice it tends to happen after a rainy day. Car sits outside in driveway.
When I turn my AC on I have cold air blowing out on Driver side of car, and heat blowing out on Passenger side of car at the same time. what could be the problem
when it warms up sometimes 20 min down the road its quite again,and its only when taking off like a rumble sound
I started my car (after buying a new battery last week that was larger than the factory one I had) and suddenly my heater is on high and cannot be adjusted or turned off & my radio won't turn on?
It took the mechanic 4 hrs to find it's a sensor in the middle panel (and now can't find the part and said it may need to be built at the factory) so my questions are:
- Does 4 hrs to find the problem seem like a long time?
- Should the part be so hard to replace?
- Could the stronger battery be to blame?
This is a new mechanic for me (I just moved to town) and I'm starting to doubt that I should have trusted my brothers referral.
Thanks in advance for your help. Judi
Is it normal for the a/c compressor to cycle on newer vehicles? Compressor on 2011 Ford Taurus cycles on and off. Occasionally blows out warm air then goes back to cool.
The right side of the road stays in the dark; you can't see the edge of the road, or any items in the road. Does anyone know of a service/technical/recall bulletin?
2011 ford taurus
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