2010 Ford Taurus Questions

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I'm trying to recharge my AC but I see 2 ports. I believe I use the port with the bigger hose. Am I correct?
had a power steering pump put in and drive it home moved it to another spot in my yard now it doesn't do anything
you can drive the car which is a 2010 taurus then the car loose driving power
Is there only one or are there multiple? Hvac baffling actuators.....
My 2010 Ford Taurus started out with the A/C on the drivers side would only blow heat on passenger side and a lot of clicking noise. Now the heat is the only thing that works on both sides of the car.
Was driving along one day under normal conditions.... my front Defroster started blowing hot air all of a sudden. I am not able to use any functions (radio, a/c, seat heaters/coolers) on the center console itself. I am able to control radio features using the controls on the steering wheel. Any thoughts/recommendations?
Whenever I start up my 2010 Taurus none of the dash buttons or dials will work. I can adjust the radio using the steering wheel buttons however. After I have driven for about a mile everything will work just fine. Has anyone seen this issue before?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Immediately after start up
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Car will not start. Believe it to be anti theft issue. How do you reset?
Was working then next day nothing is blowing
2010 ford taurus limited, rear sunshade locked in up position. no response when hitting the button.
How much will a backdoor lock cost for my 2010 ford Taurus the door wont close cause the latch wont work
the heater is the only thing that turns on. Radio wont work. a/c doesn't work. Any ideas?
The car has a thump like in the transmission, but no sensors are going on in the transmission. It has been tested and it is saying it is the Alternator that is causing the problem...We don't know what is going on and we needs to fix the car.
My drivers seat drifts up and down, will not go forward or backwards. What can I do to fix it?
radio can be controlled from steering wheel. The defrost is blowing high
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