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Just replaced the air filter and woe the the engine check light illuminates, code P0430 was diagnosed, HELP!
Maybe front or back seal
I would like to get an estimate on repairs for Fuel System Service, Tune up and shocks..oh and possibly brakes.
I've been experiencing problems with acceleration. Thank you.
The problem is intermittent. It usually works fine at first but after about 20 minutes of driving the steering becomes very heavy. Sometimes it stays that way but often the power steering will kick in and out several times during a drive. I see that this problem is fairly common among Taurus owners. It's a very unsafe condition and very expensive to repair. Seems like a recall is in order!
2008 ford taurus X SEL , where is the cranckshaft position sensor located ?
It felt like brake were engaged, then i heard a loud pop now i have to replace transmission & my wheels still wont turn!
Once it goes through first gear it clears up no issue, cam shaft censor and another censor was tested two weeks ago and tested fine. A reset was done on the car to shut off check engine light bc diagnostics tested everything was working the way it should. After the reset my car drove great! Now its doing it again, last time it Rumbled and acted like it didnt want to go in second gear at 20mph.
I get code for the throttle body Actuator , where is this located ? Is it inside the throttle body and i have to replace the whole throttle body ?
It start up fine, but after driving for about 30 muints sometimes it shuts off with no warning or check engine light on, all I have to to is turn the key off and start it back again, how to diagnose it? What is the reason make it shuts off like that?
- since there is no check engine light on, is there is any way I can get the engine performance, faults, error. Etc history from the computer? I heard that the computer restore all the data.
- im in the market for OBD scan tool, looking for something help diagnose, live data, performance, . Etc, not just give me a code when the check engine light is on, any recommendations?
The car has about 200,000 miles , the transmission fluid is been changed , when i put the car on drive or reverse i hear loud noise specially in the morning get louder , the engine oil is good , no ticking sounds from the engine , what it could be ?
ive changed both the purge and vent solenoid and a new gas cap. how do I test to see if the PCM is faulty?
drive I then will have to go through as process of turning the key off and on then pressing the break pedal. After doing this process several times the horn will blow and the car is now set to go. Can you tell what problem could cause this.
Unable to figure out how to remove the rear coil springs on a 2008 Ford Taurus SEL. (Does not have pinch bolts)
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