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All dash lights come on. Speedometer drops to zero. I can still drive car while this is happening.
My check charging system lite came on my battery and alternator have been checked it's fine what else could it be
Whole front end new. Car just stopped running so i had a pcm. Flashed to my car put it in and woulndt start had my keys flashed to the car still wont start. Help
when engine is cold runs fine no warning light. after driving for 30 min.driving then sets for30 min.engine misfire check engine light flashing
What seems to make the problem better or worse? engine hot
It makes a chattering noise when the door is opened and even when the car is shut off.Radio works ok.
I need to know where it is to remove it for resetting/replacement
once car is warm temp gauge good the car warns ok but not good until the rpm is up
Why is the handle made of plastic? How do I get it replaced? Is it on the recall list?
It is a 2008 ford Taurus SELL all wheel drive I can't find the code to get in car it is keyless on door can't find comp module
what is the approxximate cost of replacing 2008 ford taurus transmission speed sensor?

Ok so all of a sudden while driving my lights come on mph goes to zero. Rams goes above 2 -5 no get up and go. Says -- miles to empty. Says -- miles driven. Tire pressure light comes on. Airbag light, engine light, fuel light, and more. I turn it off over night it's fine. For a few weeks than does again. What is going on.
I have noticed oil leaking and when I turn on the heat there is an odor. Could this be a sign of a problem with the new timing cover/gasket?

Thank you!
What needs to been done. I have bought antifreeze
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