2007 Ford Taurus Questions

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It clicks, but won't turn over.
Gauges continue to click and jump even after ignition is turned off (and key removed)
Battery may be low (but I have it on a charger)
Starter Relay (fuse)?
I had my engine coil replaced and my tune up did and it still run sluggish
I ran the air on heat mode for about a mile until I realized it, and when I switched it to cold it now only blows hot! air, it worked just fine before that
How .much does the fuel pump cost for a 2004 Ford Taurus, But not the la or cost included
We just replaced our water pump, but found when we poured water in top to check for leaks that water flows out of hole on bottom, backside of timing chain cover (toward engine). No one seems to know if there is supposed to be a hole there.
it will start right up when it is cold or you do not wait more than 20 minutes
When rpms go.up the car is surging & taking foot off of accelerator, it still stays at same speed for a minute or so!? Changes one sensor, but didn't help.
Radiator lines just replace.
Cuts out at 45 mph then struggles to get to speed and then back to normal changed fuel filter new plugs and wires and new coil pack
I'm looking for a decent condition hood for my gold 07 Taurus se. Looked on multiple different sites and salvage yards and can't seem to find any hoods with the specs I'm looking for. However, I've found many post 07 models with the color and condition I'm looking for. Would an 05 hood be compatible with an 07 model?
my car sometimes hesitates on firing up after starting ive replaced the coil pack plugs wires and im starting to lean on the fuel delievery issues im going to replace the fuel filter tomorrow my tempature guage is always cold instead of being in the middle can colder tempatures affect the air and fuel ratio?
From distributor to plug which goes with which?
I have 147,000 miles on it.
I know how to change one pretty much by heart by now. Feel like the dad in "A Christmas Story" was with fuses.
I hear a click like something's rattling around in the trunk when I make an uphill turn, sometimes other turns.
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