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brake warning light is on no codes found other then that message

Models 2003 and under can bypass the ceased up ac compressor with an ac bypass pulley. How can I by pass the ceased up ac compressor on a 2006 Ford Taurus?

I can't get the mpg tp reset on the dash I hit the button hold it and every witch way but it say 0 mpg when it should be half full??? Help please

I have had a problem with the throttle sticking. It has gotten worse lately. Any suggestions?

My check engine light came on. The code (at Autozone) said that I need an ignition coil on #3, plugs and wires... I find it strange that it said that I need a specific coil number since it is a coil pack and I can't change just one. So... I have to decide if I really need the ignition coil pack. When I pull the plug wires off (one at a time) they all spark. However, when I remove two of them, the engine does not shake. Could that indicate that the ignition coil pack is working and I need to replace the plugs and wires?
Any thoughts?

surging idle from 700 rpm to 3000 rpm 2 or 3 times then idles rough and stalls replaced IAC control valve and throttle postion sensor chacked vachum while running 20 in of vachum and holds get 2 codes PO2195 PO2197 O2 sensors stuck lean been told that both sensors wont go at same time just replaced converters because one came apart and vehicle wouldnt run now i have this surging and rough idle and stall

I have a 2006 Taurus SE with 91K miles and a 3.0L engine. It started with a sticking throttle a few months ago and has grown into a larger problem. When I hit the gas, there is a jerking or repeated hesitation. I have checked the tranny fluid and it is good and at the proper level. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


While driving it will suddenly slow down, then speed up while the accelerator is still depressed.

On a 2006 Ford tarsus

The Ford 2006 Taurus transmission is leaking.

Hello. My 2006 Ford Taurus shakes when idling at lights or in park and has decreased acceleration and rough shifting while driving. I thought I had a misfire so I recently had the spark plugs and wires replaced but the problem is still going on. Any idea what it might be? Thanks in advance.